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  • 2018 Midterms HQ

    The countdown is on. Pros know the 2018 midterms represent more than keeping track of winners and losers.

    The outcome of high-stake contests across the country could dramatically alter the course of policymaking in the United States.

    Go beyond election night with Pro's Midterms HQ.


    2018 Midterms Pocket Guide

    Even policy pros need a refresher on election basics.

    Pro’s 2018 Midterms Pocket Guide has all the information you need to know in one place.


    17 Midterm Races to Watch

    A roundup of key races in House, Senate and Gubernatorial elections and what policy areas you can expect each candidate to focus on if they are elected.


    A Brief History Of Midterm Elections

    As this year's midterms unfold, Pro is closely tracking the impact people will have on policy.

    Take a look back at a few of the most influential midterms in recent history to help contexualize the 2018 midterms.


    2018 Midterms Forecast

    To help you stay ahead of midterm polling and news, Pro’s DataPoint reporting team created an infographic covering the latest developments in key House and Senate races.


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Ensure you get weekly updates from the 2018 Midterms Hub. 

What the Voters Want

An overview of the most important policy areas driving this election, as identified by voters. 

Election Overview

A review of what happened on election day, and what comes next.

4 Things To Do Before Jan. 3rd

There's a lot of work to be done before the 116th Congress is sworn in. Follow our checklist for congressional offices.


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Real-time policy updates in 250 words or less. Whiteboards alert you to policy developments on the specific issues you’re closely tracking.
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CEO Report

CEO Report synthesizes what’s happening in D.C. for those outside the beltway. 
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Congressional Directory

Congressional Directory is a complete listing of all Capitol Hill members and staff, making it simple to connect with the right people at the right time. 
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Election Central

An interactive hub for the latest polling center data and election result maps from key races around the country.

Race Dashboard

Dive into every race with candidate pages and a dedicated race dashboard for each House, Senate and Gubernatorial contest


DataPoint is a library of policy infographics that Pros use to conceptualize complex policy issues and regulatory processes. 
Go beyond the headlines