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10 Issues Facing Congress This Fall, Other Than Spending

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While passing a spending bill will be a major focus, there are a number of other measures that members of Congress will be debating, pushing and eventually passing before the end of the year. 

Last Updated on September 18, 2019
Flood Insurance

*current authorization ends September 30, 2019

A bill (H.R. 3167) that would reauthorize the NFIP for five years advanced out of committee in June. However, momentum has stalled and a temporary extension will be needed.


Export-Import Bank

*current authorization ends September 30, 2019

There are Senate and House stand-alone bills (S. 2293 and H.R. 3407), but a temporary extension will be needed.


Defense Policy

*current authorization ends September 30, 2019

A House-Senate conference committee is poised to meet September 19 to begin the process of resolving differences between the separate House- and Senate-passed NDAA bills (H.R. 2500, S. 1790), with floor action in mid-October.


Tax Extenders

Tax extenders (stand-alone H.R. 3301), VAWA (stand-alone H.R. 1585) and intelligence policy (stand-alone bills H.R. 3494 and S. 1589) are among the expired or expiring provisions supporters may attempt to attach to a larger bill. 


Pot Banking

The cannabis bill with the greatest chance of enactment involves financial services. A House panel approved H.R. 1595 in March and the House may take it up this month. Senate Banking Chairman Crapo may take up S. 1200 and amend it or start with a fresh bill. Read more about how POLITICO Pro Cannabis will be covering this, and other important issues facing the cannabis industry.


Drug Pricing and Surprise Medical Bills

Democrats, Trump and Senate Finance Chairman Grassley really want to move on drug pricing, but can an agreement be worked out? The Senate HELP bill is S. 1895; the House Energy and Commerce bill on billing is H.R. 2328; the House leadership bill on drug pricing may be released as soon as this week.



Many in Congress would like to do something on data privacy, broadcast retransmissions and robocalls. Efforts to curb robocalls may have the best chance for success: The House passed H.R. 3375 and the Senate passed S. 151.


USMCA and Trade

Will the House consider President Trump’s main 2019 legislative priority?


Gun Control

Democrats may move additional measures through the House next week, but what, if anything, will be enacted?


Highway Bill

The current five-year surface transportation authorization expires next Sept. 30 (2020). Senate EPW has approved S. 2302, but lawmakers are still trying to chart a path forward.


Written by Peter King, Legislative Services Editor for POLITICO Pro

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