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DATAPOINT: 116th Committee Rosters

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Yesterday the nation was glued to their televisions watching the Michael Cohen hearings. His testimony before the House Oversight Committee was highly-anticipated and for some, it proved to be quite explosive.

The importance of the House Oversight Committee in this current climate cannot be understated, and to help you keep track of the members of that committee, as well as members of all of the committees in the 116th Congress, POLITICO Pro's DataPoint reporting team has created a series of rosters for each committee.

These rosters include:

  • Office addresses for each committee member
  • Chairs and ranking members of subcommittees
  • Phone numbers for each committee member
  • High-level goals and priorities for the committee

To get an idea of what these documents look like, take a look at the roster for the House Oversight Committee, who we all watched during the hearing yesterday.

The House Oversight and Reform Committee will lead congressional investigations, including those of the Trump administration. Upon taking leadership of the panel, Chairman Elija Cummings said his "priority will be to restore rigorous, responsible, and fact-based oversight while focusing on issues that affect the American people every single day."

Download the roster here, and read more about how DataPoint helps you to conceptualize complex policy issues and regulatory processes.

House Oversight Committee breakdown by political party


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