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Comparing Trump and Biden's Policy Platforms

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Where do the candidates stand on key policy issues?

As a heated election cycle wraps up, the differences between President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden are clearer than ever. Here’s a rundown* of the candidates’ positions on 10 policy areas.

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President Donald Trump on key issues
Former VP Joe Biden on key issues
Justice Department has pushed for more severe sentencing and brought back federal death penalty; also supported 2018 bipartisan reform law. Pledges to end mandatory minimums, private prisons and cash bail; supports federal investigations of police misconduct. 
Supports repealing and replacing the ACA; promises support for preexisting conditions but backs a lawsuit that would wipe out those protections.  Supports the ACA and expanding the law, passed when he was vice president, to include a public option. Supports lowering Medicare age from 65 to 60. 
Rolled back measures including accountability for wage violations and pay equity disclosure requirements.  Supports expanding union rights and increasing federal government’s ability to fine employers for labor violations. 
Supports additional tax cuts and increasing tax incentives like the Opportunity Zones program. Supports tax hikes including raising the corporate tax rate to 28 percent, raising taxes on high-income house-holds. Supports cuts for low-income people.
Continuation of first-term policies, which have height-ened tensions with China, and pushing for changes at the WTO to benefit U.S. trade policy. Supports “Buy American” policies. Would likely cut tariffs set by Trump administration and would pressure China via multilateral action. 
Supports drawdown in Afghanistan, extending arms control treaty with Russia, increasing the Pentagon budget. Supports ending wars in the Middle East, reinstating Iran nuclear agreement, preserving Russia arms agreement and reducing the nuclear reserve and Pentagon budget. Would consider reversing Trump’s troop withdrawal from Germany.
Supported family separation, sending asylum–seekers back to Mexico and building a border wall. Has attempt-ed to end DACA and reduce overall immigration.  Supports restoring DACA, providing a path to citizen-ship, expanding green card program, accepting additional refugees. Opposes Trump’s border wall. 
Withdrew the U.S. from the Paris climate accord and eased rules on fossil fuels. Has made progress on addressing marine pollution in trade agreements.  Would rejoin the Paris agreement and supports stricter pollution regulations. Climate plan outlines transition to clean energy by 2035. 
Has threatened to repeal Section 230 liability shield law for tech companies. Supports antitrust investigations into large tech companies.  Supports increasing antitrust oversight, forcing social media companies to combat disinformation. 
Has played down severity of Covid-19 and questioned the efficacy of preventive measures such as masks. Withdrew the U.S. from the WHO near the start of the pandemic.  

Supports a coordinated response to the pandemic, including encouraging people to wear masks and rejoining the WHO. 




2020 is an election year like no other. 

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