2019 Policy Insider's Report

3 Solutions for Legislative and Regulatory Uncertainty

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44% of policy professionals said legislative/regulatory uncertainty was among their top three challenges, according to our 2019 Policy Insiders Report. 

As Congress struggles to pass federal legislation, there is increased regulatory action and more legislative movement taking place at the state level. This shift has put more pressure on policy professionals like you to understand legislative and regulatory issues across 450 state agencies and 50 state legislatures.

Here are 3 tips on how to manage legislative and regulatory uncertainty: 


While legislation isn’t moving on the federal level, states (like California, especially) continue to pass major legislation like the California Consumer Privacy Act. Often legislation passed on the state level trickles up to federal legislative chambers, so it is important to be on top of what’s happening in influential states.

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As the policy landscape becomes more complex, there is a larger need for in-depth analysis from reliable sources. You need to quickly understand complicated legislative issues, as well as have an idea of what’s coming next.



Rather than tracking legislation and regulation manually [by using a patchwork of publicly available resources] across multiple different sites, many teams are turning to policy tracking tools to simplify their workflow.

As someone who as always done government relations work manually for organizations with small GR teams, POLITICO Pro is AMAZING. Life changing. Technology, man.

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Data and analysis from POLITICO Pro's 2020 Policy Insider's Report. 

Read the full report here.

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