A letter from the editor

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This past fall Kevin Yamamura left his post as assistant managing editor of the Sacramento Bee to helm our California newsroom. Take a moment to read the below letter to understand Kevin’s perspective on why California Pro matters to you.

Dear Prospective Subscriber:

Why POLITICO California Pro? The simple answer: Our policy intelligence platform keeps you informed to make better decisions. Our mission is to bring coverage to policy professionals in California that only POLITICO Pro can provide.

When I joined POLITICO Pro, it wasn’t to duplicate what others are covering or recreate bureaus that already exist. Our focus on core policy areas means we can go deeper on issues you care about because we have a sophisticated audience that demands detailed information. Because we are free from chasing the general Capitol story of the day or week, we can focus on committees, agencies, and leaders that you care about.

  • We look for changes in negotiations and bill language that can indicate larger undercurrents in Sacramento, and watch key agencies whose decisions affect our core coverage areas, from the California Air Resources Board to the state Board of Education.

  • We are looking for news developments big and small, including those that may seem insignificant to the larger public but have meaningful impacts on stakeholders.

  • We provide access to top Capitol policymakers to give you insight into their thinking as the session unfolds, and we continue to differentiate ourselves from mainstream outlets because we care about details that would be too nuanced to explain to a general audience.

  • We are policy wonks at heart, but with a breaking news ethos that has us running at a higher metabolism than other shops. We look to bring you policy scoops through short whiteboard blasts, then follow up with deeper stories that explain the political implications in greater detail.

In short, we want to bring you the information you need when you need it. POLITICO California Pro strives to own breaking policy news around the Capitol.

Kevin Yamamura
POLITICO California Pro Editor

Never miss a beat on California politics or policy. 
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