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How much does POLITICO California Pro cost?

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It is important to understand that POLITICO California Pro is a premium subscription service that provides policy, political and industry intelligence to professionals in a variety of sectors. Through exclusive reporting, analysis, and tools California Pro is an intelligence platform that gives you access to the intel you need to make informed decisions.


How much does POLITICO California Pro cost?

Our pricing model enables teams to build a subscription that fits their organizations’ needs, size, and budget. In general, rates for California Pro normally begin in the mid-four-figure range for up to five users, but ultimately, pricing is entirely dependent on the unique needs and size of your organization.


What impacts the price of POLITICO California Pro?

Two main components impact the price of your subscription:

  1. Number of users: The main factor that determines the price of your California Pro subscription is how many users need access to the service. That is best decided through setting up a demo and discussing your needs with a Pro representative. A base subscription includes access for up to five users. Pro is completely customizable for each user in a subscription, so your team can tailor their Pro account to their exact needs in over 60 different subject areas.

  2. Premium tools: The second factor that determines the price if California Pro is deciding if your organization needs the following Premium tools:
  • Legislative Compass: A powerful and easy-to-use tool that simplifies legislative tracking at the state and federal level.

  • DataPoint: Downloadable infographics that break down government processes and complex policy issues from health care to transportation.

Outside of our Premium tools, the following standard tools are included in every subscription:

  • Document Drawer: A library of thousands of original policy documents right from Capitol Hill - including Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports, Congressional Hearing Transcripts and more.
  • Congressional Directory: A directory of all United States Congressional members and their staff.


Does a POLITICO California Pro subscription include access to all California policy verticals?

Yes. California Pro includes access to reporting on major policy and political issues covered in granular detail at both the state and city-level. For a complete overview of a California Pro subscription, read this blog post.


How can I learn more about POLITICO California Pro pricing for my organization?

Every organization we work with has different needs, challenges and goals. Our team of expert account executives and account managers work with you to understand those unique needs and challenges to create a subscription tailored for your team.

To learn more about subscribing to California Pro, request a demo and a member of our team will be in touch soon.


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