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Are POLITICO reporters the same as POLITICO Pro reporters?

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POLITICO Pro is staffed by a dedicated reporting team within the POLITICO newsroom. While POLITICO Pro reporters often work closely with their POLITICO counterparts, they are distinguished in their mission to report granular policy intelligence within each of Pro’s sixteen policy coverage areas.

Who are our reporters?

POLITICO Pro’s reporters go beyond the headlines to deliver granular policy coverage. Pro’s editorial teams are composed of experienced and well-sourced journalists, who are also experts in their respective policy fields. Walk into our Washington D.C. based newsroom and our newsrooms around the country, and you’ll find that the Pro reporters are policy experts well versed in everything from federal appropriations to health care reform and the U.S. tax code. Each Pro reporter specializes in one of the 16 policy coverage areas available through POLITICO Pro, and delivers real-time content to subscribers straight from the field. Whether they’re in a hearing on the Hill or interviewing an influencer in your industry – you’ll hear from Pro’s reporters first.

Who is the audience for Pro reporters?

Pro reporters know their audience – our newsrooms write exclusively for policy-focused professionals who influence and are affected by policy, while POLITICO’s content focuses more generally on Congress, the White House, and the American political system. Reporters at Pro have the policy expertise and firsthand experience to deliver accurate policy intelligence, without wasting ink, and valuable time, on explaining underlying the basic concepts that policy professionals already grasp. At the federal, state and international policy level, Pro subscribers benefit from this approach to swift and accurate policy reporting.

How do Pro’s reporters cover the news differently?

Rather than a general focus on Washington and the issues getting the most airtime and front page space, Pro reporters focus on the moment-to-moment details affecting the policy world. Within each policy area covered by the Pro newsroom, our reporters cover hundreds of niche subtopics as they move through state and federal arenas, as well as their impact on international economies and policy.

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