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Congressional Hearing Transcripts: Fast Intel from Capitol Hill

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When big decisions happen on the Hill, you need quick access to reliable information. POLITICO Pro now offers congressional hearing transcripts to all Pros subscribed to one or more of our federal policy areas. Our congressional hearing transcripts quickly deliver information from key hearings directly to you so you can act, no matter where you are. 

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Coverage from key hearings
POLITICO Pro provides transcripts for key congressional committee and subcommittee hearings and cover approximately half of all hearings. To give you fast access to the hearings you need, transcripts coverage will be primarily focused on, but not limited to, hearings from the following committees and subcommittees:

  • House Armed Services
  • Senate Armed Services
  • House Appropriations
  • Senate Appropriations  
  • House Energy and Commerce
  • Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions
  • House Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation
  • House Agriculture
  • Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry

Quick access to accurate information
To ensure you can quickly access hearing coverage without delay, draft transcripts will be available within 6 hours of a hearing. For priority hearings, final transcripts will be available within 48 hours, so you know exactly who said what and when.

Easily find what you need
Search for transcripts using Document Drawer search, or by using the Pro site-wide search. You can filter transcripts by date, topic, committee, subcommittee and most importantly, keyword, so you can find exactly what you need, when you need it.

Want to learn more about transcripts and other original documents available through Pro? Sign up for a demo here.

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