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Warren’s Student Debt Plan: The Data Behind the Proposal

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According to Politifact, the Democratic field has a record number of candidates of any presidential primary since 1972—the year that the modern primary and caucus system began. As of May 6, there were 24 notable elected officials or public figures who have entered the 2020 presidential race—22 of which are Democrats.

With so many candidates in the race—and more expected to enter—your clients, constituents and members are looking to you to help them understand each candidate’s stance on the issues that matter to them. That’s where we come in. POLITICO Pro dives deep on the policies behind the politicians, helping you answer the question: what does the data tell us about these policies?

For example, last month Senator Elizabeth Warren announced her plan to cancel a large swath of the $1.5 trillion in outstanding student debt - the most ambitious higher education proposal yet from a 2020 presidential candidate. Her announcement inspired a flurry of analyses, some of which argued that the plan would benefit higher-income college graduates relative to lower-income Americans who did not attend college.

But, what does the data about Warren’s student loan proposal really tell us? POLITICO Pro’s DataPoint team breaks down Warren’s proposal revealing how much debt forgiveness would really be provided to different demographic groups. Download the full DataPoint here. 

Whether you’re interested in understanding the data behind the 2020 candidate’s policies or getting a breakdown of policy data across any of Pro’s coverage areas, Pro gives you actionable data and the policy context you need to succeed.

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