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How Congressional Offices Benefit from Pro

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Congressional teams have a number of priorities and responsibilities in the early days after an election. You’re working to become an expert on your new colleagues, you’re trying to stay on top of everything that is happening on The Hill, your Legislative Aides are attempting to track and analyze legislation, and your communications team is working to bridge the gap between Capitol Hill and your constituents.

We know that we have a lot on your plate, and that is exactly where we come in.

POLITICO Pro is a fully-customizable policy intelligence platform that serves as an extension of your team. Congressional offices utilize Pro in countless ways, relying on our expert reporting team (who are independent of the POLITICO newsroom) and custom tools to gain invaluable information and analysis.

POLITICO Pro has individual pricing for both House and Senate offices. Read more about what’s included in a subscription to Pro, and if you’re interested in seeing the platform you can request a demo here

Read more about how our partners in Congress benefit from Pro, and download the full guide here.



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