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How Faculty Can use POLITICO Pro in the Classroom

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Many higher education faculty use POLITICO Pro not only in their policy research, but also in their instruction and curriculum. Read on to learn why higher education faculty are incorporating Pro into their classroom. 

What is POLITICO Pro?

At its core, POLITICO Pro is a policy resource designed for professionals that offers those on the frontlines of policy access to exclusive news and tools they need to do their jobs. As the policy and higher education landscapes become more complex and intertwined, higher education institutions are turning to Pro to build a bridge from DC back to campus. Pro is now offered to universities via IP access to expand access to the same policy news and tools as lobbyists, associations, corporations and the Hill.

What Pro tools are available for faculty?

In addition to informing their research, faculty in more than 100 universities and colleges use the policy intelligence and tools to break down complex issues for their students. These are the tools that help faculty in the classroom:

  • DataPoint: A library of downloadable policy infographics created by data journalists to break down complex policy issues.
  • Document Drawer:  A searchable archive and research tool for primary source policy documents and materials; now featuring Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports.
  • Pro Calendar: A comprehensive policy events calendar that easily syncs with your favorite calendar applications.
  • Ability to talk to reporters: Request clarification from, or chat with reporters about their coverage of specific topics.

How do faculty use Pro in the classroom?

Many instructors leverage the DataPoint tool to break down complex policy issues visually. Additionally, the Document Drawer tool helps instructors present primary source documents during lectures, and aids in students’ own independent research for assignments.

What are the benefits?

By exposing students to the same policy intelligence that the pros use, faculty and institutions are opening a wealth of opportunities for students. Whether it be information about policy events in the Pro calendar or policy infographics, students get a firsthand understanding of the front lines of the ever-shifting policy landscape.

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