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What is included in a POLITICO New York Pro subscription?

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We get a lot of questions about what's included as part of a POLITICO New York Pro subscription. When purchasing New York Pro, the subscription price is primarily determined by team size, or who will ultimately need access to Pro.  

A POLITICO New York Pro account consists of five basic elements:

  1. New York Pro policy area coverage: New York Pro includes access to reporting across 10 major policy areas, covered in granular detail at both the state and local-level. 
  2. New York Pro content formats: New York Pro subscriptions offer a variety of content types within each coverage area, from brief, real-time notifications to detailed policy articles and newsletters.
  3. Granular coverage - Topic tags:  Within each policy area, industry specific topics are covered in granular detail. New York Pro accounts work at the individual level, meaning each New York Pro user selects the granular topics most relevant to their work, and only receives New York Pro content based on those selections.
  4. Included New York Pro tools: With the purchase of a New York Pro subscription, each user has access to the Document Drawer.
  5. Add-on New York Pro tools (sold separately):  Additional specialized policy tools are available as add-ons to your subscription, including DataPoint and Legislative Compass

The remainder of this article covers each of the five elements of a POLITICO New York Pro subscription in detail.

1. What  does POLITICO New York Pro cover?

In-depth policy reporting is at the heart of POLITICO Pro’s mission. New York Pro reports on 10 major policy areas within the state of New York. Each policy area has a dedicated team of reporters, all of whom are experts in their respective fields.

→ Learn more about New York Pro’s reporting team.

POLITICO New York Pro Policy Verticals

  1. City Hall
  2. Education
  3. Energy & Environment
  4. Health Care
  5. Infrastructure
  6. Insurance
  7. Labor 
  8. Real Estate
  9. State Legislature
  10. Transportation

2. Does POLITICO New York Pro only offer breaking policy news alerts?

POLITICO New York Pro readers customize their account settings for the exact content types they would like to receive. Here are the different New York Pro content types:

  • New York Pro Newsletters: Curated briefings that provide concise summaries and essential analysis of key New York politics and policy issues. Here is a complete list of newsletters included in a New York Pro subscription. Each user may choose to receive as few or as many newsletters as relevant to his/her needs:
    • Albany Pro: Includes must-read summaries on state news and politics across policy areas, as well as an itinerary of important events across New York.
    • Afternoon Albany Pro, Session Report: Afternoon roundup of legislative news, plus exclusive analysis of the day’s session. 
    • City Hall Pro: Includes City Council news, legislative developments and other key city issues, as well as the Mayor’s schedule and elected official appearances in New York City. 
    • New York CEO Report: High-level monthly outlook on the policy issues driving the agenda in New York state.
    • Education: Early morning read about key developments affecting policy, institutions and leadership in New York education. 
    • Energy & Environment: Early morning read about key developments affecting policy, institutions and leadership in New York energy and environment. 
    • Health Care: Early morning read about key developments affecting policy, institutions and leadership in New York health care.
    • Real Estate: Early morning read about key developments affecting policy, institutions and leadership in New York real estate. 
  • New York Pro Whiteboards: Real-time alerts that convey critical developments coming out of Albany or City Hall—in 250 words or less. 
  • New York Pro Articles: In-depth reporting on the major issues unfolding in specific policy areas. 
  • New York Pro Trackers: Timely rundowns of legislative activity at the city and state level. Available trackers include: New York State bill tracker; City Council stated meeting tracker; and the City Council agenda and bill tracker.

3. How granular is POLITICO New York Pro policy coverage?

Within each of the larger policy coverage areas, specific issues are assigned a New York Pro topic tag. Each subscriber can select specific topic tags to receive real-time news content on that subject matter.

4. What tools are available with a POLITICO New York Pro subscription?

In addition to premium policy reporting, a POLITICO New York Pro account includes access to:

  • Document Drawer, a searchable archive and research tool for primary source documents and materials linked to New York Pro reporting.

5. What tools cost extra with a POLITICO New York Pro subscription?

  • DataPoint: Downloadable inforgraphics that break down complex policy topics.  
  • Legislative Compass: A powerful, easy-to-use tool that simplifies federal and state legislative tracking.

Learn more about how Legislative Compass compares to competing New York legislative tools. 

Additional important information about a POLITICO New York Pro subscription.

The benefits of POLITICO New York Pro extend beyond policy intelligence from the most well-connected, respected and trusted reporters in New York. As a New York Pro, you are a member of an exclusive community of policy influencers.

Can I contact POLITICO New York Pro reporters?

Yes, you can; request clarification from New York Pro reporters or even provide your own POV on stories that are relevant to you.

Do I have access to POLITICO New York Pro events

Yes, access to events is included in your New York Pro subscription.

Does my subscription come with a dedicated Account Manager?

Yes. Get the most out of your New York Pro subscription through unlimited support and training from your dedicated account manager.

Is POLITICO Pro available in other states?

Yes. In addition to POLITICO New York Pro, current state-level subscriptions include:

How can I learn more about a POLITICO New York Pro subscription?

POLITICO New York Pro is a trusted tool used by several New York organizations. Please reach out to contact us if you have additional questions about what is included in a New York Pro subscription or would like to learn more about our service.

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