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(re)Designed for the new era of policymaking

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In a Washington characterized by political, technological and social upheaval, we wanted to better understand the experiences and challenges of our users — the people actually responsible for influencing policy at the highest levels of government — and how their jobs have changed or evolved. We spent much of 2019 listening and learning through surveys, in-depth interviews, and market research.

Here is what we learned: 

  • Your job is complicated due to partisanship and information overload
  • You struggle to find relevant and accurate reporting 
  • You spend too much time piecing together information from disparate sources 
  • You find it difficult to build context around rapidly changing policy developments

And finally, our POLITICO Pro customers want more from our platform and a simpler pricing structure.

One Pro said, "My biggest challenge isn't a lack of information, but an overflow of it. I'm unable to absorb all the information that is available to me online.

This year - we’re changing that.

We are making significant changes to our product and pricing plans to better meet your needs — starting today by giving all users access to the entire Pro Edge platform, policy topics, and tools.

What else can you expect from POLITICO Pro in 2020?

  1. We’re tearing down the paywall(s)
    Now, with a POLITICO Pro subscription, you can access all of our news — across 21 coverage areas. You’re no longer limited to the policy areas you’ve subscribed to — now, you get all of them.
  2. More of what you need, less of what you don’t
    You have more control. Personalize your own experience to match your unique needs. POLITICO Pro helps you focus on the policy topics that are most important to your work, with breaking news alerts, daily newsletters, a personalized feed and more.
  3. Unlimited access to all of our policy tools
    Access to POLITICO Pro’s premium tracking products previously required an additional fee, but now all Pros have access to our legislative and regulatory trackers. Later this year, we will introduce new tools to help your team collaborate on and organize important policy projects.
  4. One destination for your team
    With the introduction of new collaborative tools like Projects and a smart dashboard, we’re streamlining your workflows. You’ll be able to organize and share information with your team and work together on your policy priorities right from Pro.

We’re excited to help you make a bigger impact with POLITICO Pro.

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