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Surprise Billing: Bipartisan Plans Introduced in House and Senate

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In the last two-year Congress (115th) there were more than 13,500 measures introduced. 1081 passed the Senate, 1482 passed the House and 443 were enacted into law.

As a policy professional, it’s your job to track policy movement as it unfolds— a task that’s harder than ever before. To help you stay one step ahead, POLITICO Pro brings together a full suite of tools that not only keeps you up-to-date as policy movement unfolds, but gives you the context you need to understand its impact on your organization and stakeholders.

POLITICO Pro surprise billing article

For example, last week one of our Health Care policy reporters, Rachel Roubein, reported that two plans were released by bipartisan groups—one from the House and one from the Senate—to tackle surprise medical billing. Our news coverage and analysis helps you stay up-to-date as policy news unfolds, and the Pro platform helps you uncover things like which industry players will testify at upcoming hearings, next steps in the legislation process, draft bill text, intel on legislation history, bill feedback and more.

Here are 3 ways Pro helps you break down policy:

  1. Dive Deeper: From every article you read, Pro recommends other articles covering similar topics and surfaces key people, committees, agencies or topics mentioned in our content, so you can learn more about important policy stakeholders.

  2. Understand Legislative Context: Pro’s tools like Legislative Compass and DataPoint help you dive deeper into the policy issues you care about. Legislative Compass gives you the ability to search for, analyze, and track legislation at the federal and state levels, and DataPoint breaks down complex topics into policy infographics, like this one about the House and Senate plans to tackle surprise billing.

    DataPoint visual on surprise billing

  3. Access to Intel: From Pro’s Document Drawer to our Congressional and Agency Directories, you have direct access to what’s happening on Capitol Hill. Pro’s Document Drawer gives you access to tens of thousands of primary source documents right from Capitol Hill, including a legislative outline to end surprise billing, transcripts from hearings on the issue, draft legislation on surprise billing and more.

At Pro, we track policy from ideation to implementation to help you understand the impact. Read more about how the new Pro experience helps our Pros succeed, and if you’re interested in previewing the new experience, get in touch with a member of our team here.

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