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As the 5G Race Heats Up, Pro Helps You Stay Ahead

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From congressional and agency staff to documents and transcripts from Capitol Hill, Pro gives you visibility into policy – even when it happens behind closed doors. 

Here at POLITICO Pro, access means that we’re focused on delivering you access to the right intel, the right people, and the right analyses, to give you the policy context you need to make informed decisions.

One of the ways that Pro delivers access to intel is through conference calls hosted by our team of policy-specific reporters. Most recently, tech reporters Margaret Harding McGill and John Hendel, and Eric Engleman held a fantastic discussion around the race between China and the United States to develop a next-generation 5G wireless network. Technology experts put 5G at the heart of future innovation, bringing things like self-driving cars and remote surgery from concept to reality. 

Exactly how 5G networks will be built in the U.S. remains unclear, but the Trump Administration has indicated that development should be left to companies like AT&T and Verizon, but there are divergent voices in President Trump's circle that advocate a greater role for government. Our reporters covered the political pressures and policy issues at the heart of the debate, including infrastructure, commerce and defense implications of 5G expansion.  

Pro’s DataPoint team also provides our Pros with content that helps contextualize and visually communicate complex issues, like 5G. Download a copy of our most recent DataPoint that breaks down 5G federal lobbying.  

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Read more about how the new Pro experience helps our Pros succeed, and if you’re interested in previewing the new experience, get in touch with a member of our team here.  

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