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A turning point for USMCA

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The Pro platform is always evolving with new tools and features so you have the intel you need to stay one step ahead. 

One of the new features of the Pro platform is Hot Topics, which surfaces trending topics and related news content directly in your Pro feed. Hot Topics is populated through our recommendation engine - to read more follow this link. 

The Hot Topics feature provides intel on not only the subjects that matter most to you but also uncovers the stories currently impacting policy that may not be on your radar, giving you a fuller picture. 


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Recently, one of the hot topics identified by the Pro Recommendation Engine was on Trade & Commerce. From Morning Trade author By Adam Behsudi, with help from Sabrina Rodriguez,  

“The Trump administration is hoping to ramp up pressure on moving USMCA forward in Congress as lawmakers return to Washington this week. Several items on the to-do list for USMCA are crossed off or nearly done: The U.S. International Trade Commission report is in, Mexico is poised to pass a required new labor law, and Vice President Mike Pence has launched the promotional roadshow. 
Procedurally, there isn’t anything holding up Congress from taking it up, but there isn’t quite the wherewithal to do so among House Democrats. 
‘The path is open, and the question is, will [Congress] do something, or will they put it in a drawer?’ notes Shannon O’Neil, an expert on global trade and the U.S.-Mexico relationship at the Council on Foreign Relations.” 


With features like Hot Topics and our team of policy-specific reporters, the new Pro platform provides you with the context, insight, and intel you need to understand the full picture of what’s happening in policy.  

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