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Q&A with Shaw Newman: Tracking State Rules & Regulations with POLITICO Pro

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This week we introduced our expanded Regulatory Compass, which now includes state rules and regulations. We chatted with POLITICO Pro Product Manager, Shaw Newman to learn about the complexities of building a tool to track state rules and regulations and how to do this with POLITICO Pro. 

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, state leaders have announced new and ever-changing rules and regulations aimed at minimizing the spread of Covid-19 to protect residents’ safety, while also attempting to keep their state economies afloat. 

Over 300 executive actions have been issued related to states of emergency, school closures, prohibitions on mass gatherings, retail and business closures and restrictions, and stay at home orders. Over 1,100 executive actions have been issued. And, more than 30 states and the District of Columbia have issued emergency Covid-19 regulations. 

As a policy professional, you likely need to track, develop, implement, or report on this rapidly changing policy landscape, and with the quantity and complexity of information coming from state leaders, it’s nearly impossible to keep up. 

POLITICO Pro has expanded our regulatory tracker - Regulatory Compass - to include state data, so you can get important visibility into the complex and opaque rulemaking process across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. 

Q: What makes tracking state rules and regulations so complex? 

A: State regulations are exponentially harder to track than their federal counterparts for a variety of reasons. When our Pros track federal regulations, there is a smaller, semi-finite number of agencies involved in this process. As firms take interest in state regulations, the number of involved agencies grows exponentially. Additionally, each state has a slightly different regulatory process and each state agency is subject to different requirements. The combination of state-to-state differences and the sheer number of agencies impacting policy makes tracking state regulatory policy very cumbersome.

Q: How can Pros use Regulatory Compass to track state actions related to Covid-19? 

A: The POLITICO Pro Regulatory Compass (RC) contains a simple, straightforward search interface that allows Pros to search by state, keyword, topic, and state agency. The RC pulls in the 50 state registers plus the District of Columbia to make it easy to access new regulatory actions. Beyond this, the RC has saved search alerting so that if Pros have specific search criteria, they can define that criteria and receive a daily digest of new regulatory actions matching that criteria right to their inboxes.

gif of search term "rear seat belt" being conducting in POLITICO Pro navigating to the "Rear Seat Belt Reminder System" proposed rule within Regulatory Compass

Q: What are the main features of Regulatory Compass States?

A: The RC provides Pros with saved search alerting, for new regulations directly to their inboxes, priority/stance setting, access to state register documents for 50 states and the District of Columbia, and the ability to search across multiple states without going through each state website.

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