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What's included in a POLITICO California Pro subscription?

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As a policy pro, you face unique challenges every day. That’s why we designed POLITICO California Pro to be a fully customizable policy intelligence platform that arms you with the intel you need to stay ahead. We get a lot of questions about what’s included in a subscription. A POLITICO California Pro account is made up of five basic elements:

  1. Pro policy area coverage: At the heart of POLITICO Pro’s mission is our in-depth policy reporting. California Pro reports on six major policy areas within the golden state. Each policy area has a dedicated team of reporters, all of whom are experts in their respective fields.

        POLITICO California Pro Policy Verticals

  • Consumer Regulation
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Health Care
  • Transportation

  1. Pro content formats: POLITICO California Pro users customize their account settings to create a personalized experience based on how they want to receive policy intel. Here are the different California Pro content types:

  • California Pro Newsletter: Curated briefings that provide concise summaries and essential analysis of key California politics and policy issues.
  • California Pro Whiteboards: Real-time alerts that convey critical developments coming out of Sacramento —in 250 words or less.
  • California Pro Articles: In-depth reporting on the major issues unfolding in specific policy areas.

  1. Granular and personalized coverage: Get the intel you need to stay a step ahead with a personalized Pro account. Every California Pro in your subscription gets access to a customizable Pro account. You can tailor your account by following specific topics (people, issues, bills, etc.), and setting custom alerts.

  2. Tools to stay ahead: In addition to real-time policy reporting, a POLITICO California Pro account includes access to:

  • Document Drawer: A library of thousands of original policy documents right from Capitol Hill - including Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports, Congressional Hearing Transcripts and more.
  • Congressional Directory: A directory of all Federal Congressional members and their staff highlighting intel you won’t find in your Rolodex, like employment history, issue areas of focus, education history and more.
  • Support: Get the help you need, when you need it. Every Pro subscription comes with unlimited support and training from a dedicated account manager.

  1. Premium Tools (optional): Dig deeper into policy and legislation with Pro’s premium add-on tools. The optional premium tools, paired with Pro’s standard tools included in every subscription, help you save time and get all the intel you need in one user-friendly platform. Premium tools include:

  • DataPoint: Similar to an infographic, DataPoint is a visual policy intelligence tool that translates complex policy topics into digestible, compelling visuals. DataPoints are completely customizable and shareable, so you can tell more powerful stories about policy in presentations, through email and more.
  • Legislative Compass: Pro’s powerful, easy-to-use legislative tracking tool helps you track legislation at the state and federal levels.


POLITICO California Pro is a premier policy intelligence platform used by California organizations from Sacramento to Silicon Valley. Interested in how POLITICO California Pro can help your organization? Sign up for a demo here.

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