What Are Subscription Credits?

With the launch of POLITICO Pro’s new subscription plans, Plus and Premium, there is a new feature that allows subscribers to customize their accounts: subscription credits. Now, the ability to customize the content you receive is completely within your control. 

What are subscription credits?

Every POLITICO Pro subscriber is allocated a specific number of subscription credits based on their needs. Subscription credits activate the policy area notifications that will be sent to your inbox. Pro Tip: Your POLITICO Pro account has all-inclusive access to coverage when you are logged into the Pro Edge Platform. Simply put, that means you can read all news content when you are logged in online.

There are two steps for Pro subscribers to ensure they are receiving all the intel they need and nothing they don’t

(Current POLITICO Pro subscribers can complete these steps by logging into the Account Settings page.

STEP ONE: Activate Your Alerts

Choose from 22 areas of coverage (from Agriculture to Technology). Your selections will activate push content (newsletters, breaking news alerts, and more). 

Below is an example of a user applying subscription credits: 

  • This animation shows you an account with 5 subscription credits.
  • One credit is used to select Campaigns, and push content is activated. 
  • The user decides to turn off push content for Campaigns and opt-in to California content.
  • Under the California policy area, the subscriber selects the type of push content they wish to receive, opting out of breaking news alerts. 

Flexibility: Return to the settings page at any time to select a different combination of policy areas using your subscription credits.

STEP TWO: Customize Your Content

The next step is to fine-tune the topics you care about within the policy areas you’ve activated. 

For example, within Health Care, a Pro subscriber may care about infectious diseases but not Medicaid. By customizing their topics, they can ensure they don’t miss any news related to infectious diseases. 

Learn more about the POLITICO Pro plans here

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