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From Title I to Title IX, updates on student loan programs and immigration measures, to political and policy intelligence, the ability to get the accurate, relevant information you need to is essential for your campus. POLITICO Pro helps keep your students, faculty and libraries on the cutting edge, and helps campus leadership understand changes that affect your university’s research or curriculum, so that you can confidently make your next move.

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Executive Leadership

What’s happening in the new administration has a huge impact on your university’s strategic goals and mission. The intelligence you gain from POLITICO Pro enables you to have a firm grasp on what’s happening on the Hill, the White House, and Federal Agencies so that you know how your university fits into the bigger policy picture.

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Whether it’s access to real-time, targeted policy news for students writing research papers or professors armed with the most up-to-date policy intelligence for planning their classroom lectures, universities from coast to coast rely on POLITICO Pro.

Students and faculty need access to accurate and immediate information now more than ever and Pro ensures your university is in lockstep with developments coming out of Washington.

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Academic libraries around the country rely on POLITICO Pro to ensure that students and faculty have the best resources available for their research and learning purposes. Pro offers libraries access to real-time, original reporting from the best policy-specific reporters in Washington.

Additionally, Pro gives users the ability to search and drill down to specific niche issues and access all archived Pro content, allowing faculty and students to gain historical context on policy. POLITICO Pro is an interdisciplinary resource that spans policy areas, data.

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