What Has Changed?

Culture Wars and Policy Have Become Inextricably Linked

“Every bit of policy is political, ideological & divisive”

Hyper-partisanship's infiltration of previously non-partisan areas of policy making started in the Bush era, strengthened in the Obama era and is dominant in the Trump era. Culture wars now infiltrate every stage of the policy process. Political appointees and their political agendas have always been present in the executive branch, but their impact on policy is much more dramatic today.

The Impact of Digital Innovation 

There is a viral nature to the way words travel. 

The rise of social media has further accelerated this trend. Instead of solely relying on trade publications for policy expertise, audiences have infinite outlets, complete with pundits, to weigh in on policy topics. Often, too, some outlets have their own political motivations for writing from a specific perspective on issues, which makes it hard to discern who to trust.

Increased Corporate Interest and Involvement

Corporate stakeholders care more about politics than ever before.

Policy expertise has always been critical to organizations’ success, but heightened business uncertainty on issues ranging from trade to data privacy has given the discipline a new spotlight in boardrooms and the C-suite.

New Challenges

These changes in politics and policy have created a number of new challenges for policy professionals.


Reliable, nonpartisan news is hard to find.


Translating complex policy issues to corporate stakeholders.


Dealing with partisanship and legislative gridlock in D.C.


Uncertainty around legislation and regulations.


The need to understand legislative action taking place across 50 states.



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