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California Pro reports on six major policy areas within the golden state. Each policy area has a dedicated reporters, all of whom are experts in their respective fields.
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Consumer Regulation

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Health Care

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POLITICO California Pro Reporting Team

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Pro’s Sacramento newsroom features the most trusted and well-connected policy reporters in the Golden State.
Alexander Nieves
Reporter, California
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Angela Greiling Keane
Editorial Director, States & Canada
Headshot of reporter Carla Marinucci
Carla Marinucci
Senior Writer, California
Colby Bermel Energy Reporter
Colby Bermel
Reporter, California
headshot of darius dixon
Darius Dixon
Associate Editor, States & Canada
Headshot of reporter Debra Kahn
Debra Kahn
Reporter, California
Headshot of reporter Jeremy B. White
Jeremy B. White
Reporter, California
Headshot of reporter Katy Murphy
Katy Murphy
Reporter, California
A picture of Kevin Yamamura - POLITICO California Pro Editor
Kevin Yamamura
Editor, California
Headshot of reporter Mackenzie Mays
Mackenzie Mays
Reporter, California
Headshot of Pro Reporter Ryan Hutchins
Ryan Hutchins
Deputy Editor, States & Canada
headshot of Victoria Colliver
Victoria Colliver
Reporter, California

California Government Explainers

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Guides that break down complex legislative issues in California. 
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Our guide breaks down each step of the legislation proposal process in the Assembly and Senate, the steps that can result in changes to the legislation before it becomes law, as well as how the two houses resolve legislative differences.
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Which companies must comply with California’s sweeping new privacy laws? What consumer privacy rights will be enacted? Find out the answers to these questions and more in Pro’s exclusive guide to the California Consumer Privacy Act.
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