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Stay ahead of the 2024 Untied States elections with POLITICO Pro’s non-partisan, policy-focused intelligence. From President Joe Biden’s clean energy initiatives to pivotal issues like reproductive health and Ukraine funding, Pro offers real-time insights into the forces influencing election and legislative outcomes, empowering public affairs professionals to have a seat at the policy-shaping table.


Your all-inclusive edge for sharp strategy.

As a leading public affairs software, POLITICO Pro gives you the inside scoop on the public policy and players that matter most to you. Stay informed and ahead with to-the-point news and automatic tracking of government affairs and policy. Keep pace with the help of experts who act as an extension of your team. With this kind of elite access, you can be a leader in your policy arena.

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Get custom policy news, alerts, government directories, legislation tracking, and more—POLITICO subject matter experts cover 22 government policy areas to help push your policy goals forward.

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Whether you’re a lobbyist, executive, consultant, researcher, strategist, or analyst, POLITICO Pro has what you need to power successful policy—anywhere.

Analysts Digestible Details To Support Team Success.


Digestible details to support team success.

POLITICO Pro gives analysts everything they need—relevant, real-time news, insights, and state and federal legislative analysis, public administration, regulation, and government initiatives. Personalized feeds deliver news as it happens, and easy-to-use tools for cross-referencing related bills and regulations help give analysts and other public affairs professionals everything they need to dive deep while still seeing the big picture.

Analysts Digestible Details To Support Team Success.
Researchers See More With Relevant Research Resources.


See more with relevant research resources.

POLITICO Pro is a comprehensive public affairs software for state and federal news with robust research tools that can cross-reference related bills, campaigns, regulations, and more. Researchers in public policy and issues management can easily access information that covers the entire spectrum of legislation and news, along with a complete directory of legislators, staffers, and committees. Customized news feeds help bring relevant information only when it’s needed, so research can quickly inform successful policy.

Researchers See More With Relevant Research Resources.
Lobbyists Targeted Insights For Lobbying Ahead Of The Curve.


Targeted insights for lobbying ahead of the curve.

POLITICO Pro is a powerful public policy and issues management platform lobbyists and firms can use to get deep insights into developing policy changes and the legislators behind them. Government affairs teams and policy professionals can stay informed with news tailored to their industry so they can effectively be in the know and influence in real time. Pro also acts as a research assistant, providing a comprehensive directory of state and federal officials and staffers.

Lobbyists Targeted Insights For Lobbying Ahead Of The Curve.
Consultants A Trusted View For Client Support.


A Trusted view for client support.

POLITICO Pro provides consultants with real-time updates on legislation, regulations, and policies so they can advise confidently and accurately. With a customized news feed focused on their area of interest, consultants gain a non-partisan view of news that matters to them and their clients. Augmented by robust tools for research and a complete directory of legislators, staff, and committee members, it brings a near-clairvoyant view that consultants can trust will guide them to winning policy.

Consultants A Trusted View For Client Support.
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politico pro is the gold standard of policy reporting in dc.

Software platform features

One place for all the policy needs of government affairs teams. POLITICO Pro’s customizable home dashboard makes it easy for you to stay in the know. With resources from trending news and articles to policy explainers and infographics, you have access to key information that’s easy to track, organize, and share.


news & analysis

Access critical non-partisan news, in-depth analysis, public administration updates, and more from POLITICO journalism. Exclusive, breaking scoops from specialists in your areas of policy help you cut through the clutter and stay away from information overload. A daily breakdown of newsroom updates is delivered to your inbox at 6AM sharp, and key articles are also sent to you throughout the day.


POLITICO Pro directories are updated daily, covering key decision-makers across Capitol Hill. Whether it’s Congress, state, house, or federal agencies, you’ll have access to the most up-to-date information on stakeholders in your area of interest. POLITICO Pro directories include bios, headshots, committees, and contact information, so you can keep track of critical connections.

Locate events in your policy area with POLITICO Pro’s Calendar Events page. Filter by topic, date, and event type to find events specially tailored to your interests. From executive branch to federal agency engagements, you’ll never miss a beat.


POLITICO Pro is a comprehensive legislative tracking solution. Save time by leveraging Pro trackers, which follow legislation, regulations, and dialogues you care about. Utilize the Legislative Compass, Regulatory Compass, and Dialogue Tracking to seamlessly monitor public comments, gain insight into the rulemaking process, and access bill texts and actions on the legislation most important to you.

Obtain original source documents in the POLITICO Pro document drawer, including transcripts, agency documents, and bill texts. A one-stop shop for critical information simplifies policy tracking and research, so you can quickly cue into movement throughout your area of expertise.


Pro Analysis helps you understand the power, market, and policy dynamics that affect your policy priorities, with tools to help you create the change you need. Pro Issue Analysis, Pro Data Analysis, and Pro Bill Analysis offer simplified explanations of complex policy topics, while Stakeholder Analysis provides an integrated way to identify, track, and engage with the Congressional influencers needed to impact your desired outcomes.


Identify, track, and engage a network of influencers and organizations that are crucial to achieving your policy goals. Whether you’re looking to bolster corporate or organizational image, or develop new relationships, POLITICO Pro’s stakeholder management and stakeholder engagement capabilities help you move forward with a clear way to connect and make the most of opportunities in legislation.

Tune in to your key policy areas with POLITICO Pro’s briefings, directly from reporting experts. Delivering insights on everything from elections to energy, health care, defense, finance, or technology verticals, briefings are a succinct source of content that helps you understand the current state of your area of interest. Briefings are delivered in a weekly cadence.

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