Master Policy Outreach.

Connect with key contacts, amplify your message, and unite your team to make the most of legislative opportunities.

Stakeholder Management

POLITICO Pro’s stakeholder management simplifies the process of identifying, tracking, and engaging with people who have the most impact on policy outcomes.

An Integrated Solution

Reach vital contacts, track outreach efforts, collaborate across teams, monitor legislative movements, and more through one platform.

Relationship Building

Reach the right audience at the right time with relevant message to build rapport and strengthen support.

Team Alignment

Save time and stay coordinated by recording interactions, sharing notes, and assigning follow ups in one place for your team.


Execute Your Stakeholder Engagement Strategy Seamlessly

Discover a clear path for policy impact with Stakeholder Management—a simple way to connect with the right people, maximize team efficiency, and advance your issues.

Stakeholder Identification
Stakeholder Identification

Source up-to-date contact information from Pro Directories or saved Projects, and use the search, filter, and list upload features to find and compile the right connections.

Engagement Tracking
Engagement Tracking

Record interactions, view email history, share meeting notes, and streamline team assignments to drive team alignment and inform intentional action.

In-platform Emailing
In-platform Emailing

Create and schedule emails quickly with an easy-to-use email creator. See email delivery, bounce, open, and click through rates in real time.

Reporting & Analytics
Reporting & Analytics

Use data visualizations that show top-performing emails, meeting and email activity trends, contact engagement, and more to gather insights that drive success.

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