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Our mission is to empower professionals on the front lines of policy with the intelligence and resources they need to stay one step ahead.

What is POLITICO Pro?

POLITICO Pro is an all-inclusive platform that empowers public policy professionals with the tools, news, analysis, and other resources needed to succeed in an increasingly complex political world.

Our features include exclusive and unbiased policy news coverage in real-time, in-depth policy analysis and a suite of tracking tools to help you keep tabs on policy developments as they happen. In addition, the fully-integrated stakeholder management solution and government directories enable you to engage with your network effortlessly.

Whether you’re a consultant, analyst, lobbyist or anything else in between, POLITICO Pro has the tools and resources you need to stay ahead of the policy curve.

Our Journey

The evolution of politico pro

POLITICO Pro launched in 2011 with three policy areas. Today, thousands of policy teams rely on Pro’s news, analysis, and policy intelligence to complete their policy work.

2011 POLITICO Pro launches with three policy areas.

The Trusted Source For Policy News

In February of 2011, POLITICO Pro launched with three policy areas: healthcare, technology, and energy. Our original mission was to provide readers real-time intelligence on the politics, process and personalities involved in policy.

We invested in our reporters and built an incredible team of journalists who are experts in their field. From this foundation, we built today’s newsroom of over 100 policy-specific reporters.

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I don’t know where it’s written down that policy coverage has to be boring…We’ll put all of our money in what matters most: journalists who can deliver human intelligence better and faster than anyone else.

2016 Portfolio expands to include analysis.

Policy Infographics & Explainers

Pro Data Analysis launched in 2016 with the mission of helping our subscribers to not only conceptualize complex policy issues and regulatory processes, but also providing them with quick ways to explain this information to organization members, clients, and colleagues.

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We’re excited for this evolution of how we deliver content. Pros have communicated to us that data visualization is an urgent need and Pro Data Analysis fills that void.

2017 POLITICO Pro launches its first policy tracker.

Integration of Legislative Tracking

The launch of Legislative Compass, the first in our suite of policy tracking tools, kick-started the progression of POLITICO Pro from a series of newsletters and infographics to a full-service policy platform and digital workspace for policy professionals.

Built to help policy pros track legislation as it progresses through Congress and state legislatures, Legislative Compass changed the game.

Policy Tracker
2019 POLITICO Pro enhances its policy tracking suite.

Comprehensive Regulatory Tracking

In 2019 POLITICO Pro added Regulatory Compass to its suite of policy monitoring tools. The regulation tracker provides visibility into the opaque rulemaking process. It was also the first time Pro users could add their own data to the platform by setting and changing priority and stance for tracked rules.

Designed to track federal and state regulations from proposal to publishing, Regulatory Compass empowers policy professionals to stay one step ahead.

2020 POLITICO Pro gets a brand new look.

A New Workspace for Policy Professionals

In 2020 POLITICO Pro was overhauled to give policy professionals a more intuitive, intelligent, and data-driven experience that delivers personalized content, recommendations, and intel tailored to what Pros need when they need it.

Brand New Look
2022 POLITICO Pro launches Stakeholder Management.

A Unique Stakeholder Management Solution

In August 2022, POLITICO Pro introduced Stakeholder Management, a suite of stakeholder engagement tools built right within the Pro platform and powered by cutting-edge intelligence. The solution gives professionals what they need to find the right people, foster the right relationships, and champion top policy priorities.

What makes us special

Our values

These foundational core values drive our team and organization.

Relentless Contributors

We are passionate about our work which is driven by our vision and mission. We pride ourselves on providing accurate, non-partisan information through our journalism and services.


We are forward-thinking and creative as we work to provide the ultimate experience to our growing influential audience through our impactful journalism, services and solutions.


We are a community of employees who provide diversity of thought in our work while respecting the unique roles and responsibilities of individuals and teams across the organization. Through this collaboration we strive to be effective and transparent in our communications with each other.

Talent Cultivators

We are given opportunities and experiences to grow professionally while providing meaningful contributions to the organization through our work. Our diverse workforce allows us to further develop through sharing of different thoughts and perspectives. We are constantly challenged in our work which allows us to continuously learn and cultivate our skills.


The pro team.

POLITICO Pro is led by a group of highly dedicated, creative, and passionate people.

Goli Sheikholeslami

Chief Executive Officer

Rachel Loeffler

Executive Vice President, Professional Subscriptions

Julie Kennedy

Vice President, Professional Products

Sudeep Reddy

Senior Managing Editor

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