Organize Content So It Works For You.

Organize and track content, get alerts, and group key information in one place to keep your team aligned and achieve your policy goals.

Projects - Organize Content So It Works For You.

With POLITICO Pro’s Projects feature, collaborating on policy is easy. Organize all your content in one place to keep your team working efficiently with the most up-to-date materials.


Collaborate on policy initiatives, resulting in greater transparency and a streamlined workflow.


Group information according to what is most important to you—by issue area, campaign, or client.

Streamlined Tracking
And Saving

Consolidate key information from across the Pro platform for an easy way to track, save, and share across teams.


One Destination For Team Collaboration.

Maintain an efficient team with Projects—a way to collaborate on policy that streamlines and creates transparency across your workflow.

Maintain Continuity
Maintain Continuity

Keep your team in sync with ways to track, save, and share content, including rules, comments, documents, saved searches, and directory contacts.

Group Key Information
Group Key Information

Create folders within your Projects to organize content in the way that makes sense for your team.

Project Overview
Project Overview

View important Project information at a glance, including recently added Premium content, a notes feed, changes to tracked items, and suggested content.

Instant Alerts
Instant Alerts

Get alerts when your Projects have been updated based on a bill you are tracking, the number or types of contacts you’ve saved, or any news changes.

Legislation And Regulation Feeds
Legislation And Regulation Feeds

Use Project criteria to create and customize feeds based on topics, organizations, and people. Feeds can be turned on and off, and customized by specific states.

Project Library
Project Library (Premium Only)

When your workflows change, start here. Save time and stay on top of critical issues with pre-populated projects, and with expert editor content, including major players, legislation, regulation, news, and Premium analysis.

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