Elevate Your Policy Expertise

In today’s fast-paced policy environment, speed and accuracy are paramount for staying ahead of the dynamic legislative landscape, identifying key policymakers, and achieving desired outcomes. Effortlessly navigate Congress and state legislatures with non-partisan intelligence and an innovative stakeholder analysis tool.

Take Pro Intelligence To The Next Level.

Access real-time intelligence and policy analysis to influence legislative outcomes in Congress, Albany, and Sacramento. Navigate the complex corridors of power more easily and leverage the best research tools available to gain a competitive edge.

Advanced Intel

Gain access to procedural, industry, and people intelligence. In-depth insights offer an understanding of the inner workings of Congress and state legislatures, crucial for policy success.

Save Time

Efficiently dissect complex topics and improve your grasp on how to shape legislation within the corridors of power, optimizing your workflow and productivity.

Influence Outcomes

Utilize Pro Analysis’ powerful toolset to position yourself for success in navigating legislative agendas, influencing key decision-makers, and achieving favorable outcomes.



With Pro Analysis, real-time, non-partisan intelligence is at your fingertips in a single, unified platform to help you leverage key stakeholders and navigate Congress, Albany, and Sacramento more successfully.

Pro Issue Analysis

Save time and energy when it comes to researching and analyzing the key issues with three-page snapshots of the key players, what’s at stake, and what the next steps are.

Pro Data Analysis

Break down complex policy topics with visualizations that quickly illustrate the Congressional members, committees, and interplay that influence the policy debates important to you.

Pro Bill Analysis

Access legislative overviews on key points, key players, expected votes, related legislation, and possible outcomes to quickly communicate bill implications to your stakeholders.

Stakeholder Analysis

Identify, track, and engage with Congressional stakeholders easily so you can formulate and execute a precise and effective stakeholder outreach plan.

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