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How to customize your POLITICO Pro account settings

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One of the key benefits of a POLITICO Pro subscription is that users can customize their accounts to align with the specific topics they care about and fit into their workflow.

How are POLITICO Pro subscriptions customized? 

Subscribers can customize their account in two ways:

  • By policy area and topic: Each larger policy area is broken down into related topics our reporting team covers in granular detail. This level of specificity ensures Pro subscribers stay up-to-date on the policy issues that matter most to them. 
  • By type of alert: From early-morning policy briefs to end-of-day wrap-ups, Pro users can select which alerts best suit their needs.

Step 1: We encourage new Pro users and those on trial access to visit their Account Settings page as a first step, to ensure they receive email alerts that are directly relevant to their workflow.

Below is a guide to navigating the Account Settings page. Please note, subscribers can revisit the settings page any time to adjust their account.

I. My Account

Step 2: In the My Account section, subscribers can change their password at any time (indicated by a blue button).

Snapshot of account settings page

Step 3: Under Account Settings is where users can update their personal account information, including name, organization, title and address.

II. My Pro

Step 4: The My Pro section is where subscribers can select the policy areas and types of alerts they are interested in receiving. This is also where subscribers can find the complete topic lists for each policy vertical they have access to.

To expand the menu for each policy area, click the “+” button. Newsletters available for the selected policy area are listed at the top under “Newsletters and Breaking News;” below under “Whiteboard and Article Topics” is a complete list of relevant topics. Topic selection indicates which alerts you will receive to your inbox. 

Snapshot of account settings page (cont.)

PRO TIP: Make sure you select “Save and Close” after adjusting your email alert settings.

  • Pro Tools

Step 5: Pro Tools is another point of access for subscribers to the tools included with their subscription. To learn more about which tools are included in your Pro subscription, as well as which tools are available for purchase alongside Pro’s news coverage, please visit:

Snapshot of account settings page (cont.)

  • More From Pro

Step 6: Subscribers should visit More From Pro if they would like to receive additional newsletters exclusive to Pros, including the CEO Report, and choose to be notified of special, Pro-only events.

Snapshot of account settings page (cont.)

  • Custom Keywords

Step 7: Subscribers have the opportunity to add any policy issues, organizations or people they are tracking that are not listed as topics under the relevant policy areas. If a keyword saved here is mentioned in Pro coverage that a reader is subscribed to, it will be sent directly to his/her inbox.

Snapshot of account settings page (cont.)


Step 8: This final section on the Account Settings page includes POLITICO’s free alerts and newsletters. Subscribers can set up Author Alerts to receive all content published by specific POLITICO reporters.

Please note that if you are not subscribed to the Pro policy area your selected reporter writes for, you will only receive non-paywalled content.

Snapshot of account settings page (cont.)Additional information about your POLITICO Pro settings.

How many emails will I get a day?

Pro newsletters are delivered at daily or weekly intervals (depending on the newsletter). The number of whiteboards and articles you receive will vary depending on the number of topics selected, as well as the news cycle.  

PRO TIP: We recommend that Pros select 10-15 whiteboard and article alerts from the menu to start, and then adjust by preference.

Can I adjust my email alert settings anytime?

Yes. You can go to your Account Settings page any time to adjust your settings.

Will my colleagues receive the same alerts as me?

Your settings page is unique to your account.

How do I change my settings if I want to stop receiving certain alerts?

At the bottom of each email alert you receive to your inbox, it will say “You received this POLITICO content because your customized settings include,” and will list which policy issue(s) you have checked off in your settings. If you notice any issues that are not relevant to you, return to your Customize Settings page and uncheck topic you no longer want to track.

What if I’m following an issue that isn’t listed on the settings page?

Revisit Custom Keywords on the settings page. You can enter as many keywords as you would like. If your topic is mentioned in Pro coverage that you are subscribed to, it will be sent directly to your inbox.  

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