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Platform Plus Premium
Personalized Dashboard
Access to All Coverage Areas: 17 Industries, 4 States, Canada
Personalized News Feed
Flexible Customization Capabilities
Legislative Compass
Regulatory Compass
Campaign Races Dashboard
Smart Customization & Tools
Document Drawer & Transcripts
Policy Event Calendar
Project Library
Stakeholder Management
Stakeholder Analysis
Exclusive News
News & Alerts from 22 Coverage Areas
Policy Newsletters
News Aggregation
In-depth Policy Analysis
Pro Bill Analysis
Pro Analysis
Premium Newsletter


What is POLITICO Pro?

POLITICO Pro is a customizable policy intelligence platform to monitor policy developments, act on the news, and lead the conversation.

How is this different than POLITICO?

POLITICO Pro is staffed by a dedicated reporting team within the POLITICO newsroom.

Smart Customization

POLITICO Pro is the only policy intelligence platform built for those on the frontlines of policy. Compare here.

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