POLITICO Expands California Data on Pro Platform

Now more than ever, public policy professionals need accurate, timely, and unbiased data at their fingertips. In addition to federal policy, this critical need extends to state coverage too. Given the vast impact that California policy and politics have on the national level, it is crucial to keep a pulse on what’s happening in Sacramento.

That’s why POLITICO Pro is expanding access to California data with innovative new features to keep you current on everything happening in the Golden State. Combined with Pro’s detailed and nonpartisan coverage, these tools help public policy professionals better navigate California’s political, legislative, and regulatory landscape.

Explore crucial dates with the California legislative calendar

One of the most useful tools for exploring California policy is the Pro Calendar feature, which offers users an at-a-glance view of important upcoming legislative events in the California state Senate and state Assembly. With the Pro Calendar, you can pinpoint when and where each session is taking place, and the policy areas being discussed as well.

With insight into these key dates, policy professionals can plan and implement strategies to impact policy decisions in the Golden State. The Pro Calendar helps you anticipate California policy changes to more effectively craft your messaging and reach out to allies and power players.

Uncover the power players in California politics with transcript access

Another critical tool for gaining deeper insight into California politics and policy is through transcripts of all major legislative committee hearings. Available through the Pro Calendar and Pro Documents, California Transcripts allow policy professionals to review exactly who said what in California state Senate and Assembly committee hearing rooms. Transcripts provide greater context and insight into the finer details of policy-making in Sacramento.

For policy professionals, this primary source of information offers unique insight into the context and stance power players of California politics have with their views on important legislation and regulation. In turn, this provides you a way to locate allies, anticipate policy changes, and strategize for upcoming sessions.

Empower yourself with the data behind California politics

These features are just some of the indispensable resources for policy professionals looking to stay current on California legislation, regulation, news, and political events.

POLITICO Pro offers additional resources for gathering data, insights, and information on California policy and politics. Subscribers can stay current with bill and rule tracking tools and receive custom email notifications tailored to exactly what they’re looking for.

We also anticipate the launch of the State Committee Directory on in the coming weeks, which will provide subscribers with important committee information for California and all other state legislatures, including leaders, members, and staffers. These features, together with Pro’s California legislative calendar and hearing transcripts, provide unprecedented access to policy-making process in the Golden State and keep you up to date on the latest events, news, and legislation in Sacramento.

Want to see more from POLITICO Pro? Visit the features section for an overview of how POLITICO Pro is your all-inclusive policy platform or request a demo today.

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