POLITICO Pro Premium: Lead the Conversation

POLITICO Pro offers two plans: POLITICO Pro Plus and POLITICO Pro Premium. This blog covers the additional analysis content included in the Premium plan.

Policy analysis to help you lead the conversation.

The complex nature of today’s policy environment requires that you become a fast expert on policies and issues that are quickly emerging and rapidly changing.

In addition to the news and tools included in every POLITICO Pro subscription, POLITICO Pro Premium delivers Premium subscribers in-depth analyses from our team of policy and legislative experts. Our analyses help policy professionals understand today’s most critical policy issues and lead the conversation about them. Whether you need to build your own knowledge on emerging issues or educate your colleagues and stakeholders on potential impact and outcomes, Pro’s Premium plan will help you activate quickly and confidently.

Our analysis content is designed to help you:

  • See the big picture. Understand the background, key players and what’s next.
  • Understand trends & key details. View policy trends & key details through policy visuals.
  • Comprehend related legislation. Understand a bill’s impact & related legislation.
  • Educate stakeholders. shareable in your own presentations or outreach.

Here’s an overview of the three types of content included in this plan:

Examples of Premium Content

Sample Agenda

This agenda represents a small sample of topics we have covered and expect to cover. This is subject to change at our discretion as news and events develop across the year.

International Tax Reform. The U.S. and other major world economies are struggling with how to tax digital services. While the OECD is trying to reach a compromise on that and other multinational tax issues, France and others are moving forward on their own, potentially derailing the OECD effort.

Health Care Data Privacy. The Trump administration will soon roll out its long-awaited interoperability rules and HHS is considering modifying medical privacy policy to give patients more control over their data. Some providers and big EHR companies are raising concerns over privacy and urging delay.

Data and Consumer Privacy. With CCPA enacted in California and Congress considering the Consumer Online Privacy Rights Act of 2019 (COPRA), big tech and policymakers at the state and federal levels debate how far-reaching federal legislation should go in regulating personal data.

Water & Flood Insurance. Examining the Water Resources Development Act of 2020 (WRDA), the National Flood Insurance Program and exploring how insurers, government agencies, and policymakers are planning for unprecedented weather events including heavy rainstorms.

Surprise Medical Billing. The House Ways and Means Committee has released a long-expected plan to eliminate surprise medical bills, setting up a showdown between several competing proposals from the House Energy and Commerce and Senate HELP committees.

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