Who says tracking legislation has to be a headache?

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Bring legislation to life.

  • Need to track and understand complex, disparate federal and state legislation?

    Get a live walkthrough of the tool so you can see how Legislative Compass helps you save time and money.



Our Legislative Compass is a comprehensive, robust, user-friendly tool that helps you effectively track and analyze legislation.


Legislative Compass includes: 

  • Search by Sponsors & Co-Sponsors
  • Search by CRS Issue Area
  • Search by "Status"
  • Save specific searches and criteria
  • Set custom notifications for legislative updates
  • Write and share notes with your colleagues
  • Predictive analytics that help you plan for legislative outcomes
  • Comprehensive bill details, including bill text
  • Roll call votes
  • Similar legislation feature helps you identify similar bills
  • Original analysis that breaks down complex legislative issues
  • And so much more...
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Prioritize and streamline your tracking efforts.
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 We provide context around major legislation with expert analysis.
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See who crossed party lines.
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Quickly pull sponsored bills by member.

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