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Analysts, lobbyists, and executives shared their challenges in navigating today’s policy world, such as adapting to a digital world, connecting with stakeholders through a pandemic, and onboarding new team members remotely. We developed the resource center to help you thrive in spite of them.

Whether you are new to the policy world, want a refresher on the basics, or need policy guides to onboard new colleagues, POLITICO Pro has you covered.

Which type of PRO are you?

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The Researcher/Analyst

Become a pro at policy analysis, present your work with confidence, and demonstrate ROI to your team and clients. 

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The Influencer

Learn the ins and outs of Capitol Hill, master the digital policy world, and build your stakeholder network to grow your political influence and lobby more effectively. 

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The Executive/Leader

Set your team up for success. Share our free guides and resources with new employees to accelerate their onboarding process and give them the tools they need to achieve their goals. 

For Researchers & Analysts

You need to be in the weeds so you can educate your stakeholders and clearly communicate trends and the implications of policy to your team. 

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In-Depth Government Explainers 

Ace the basics with guides to the legislative and regulatory processes, statistics on government demographics and productivity, and introductions to the leaders of all 3 branches of government.

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How-To Guides

Step-by-step guides to writing policy briefs, navigating the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and developing digital policy strategies with confidence.

For Influencers

You need to effectively advocate for and advance your organization's policy agenda. Make sure you know Capitol Hill inside and out and perfect your outreach strategy.

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Policy Work in the Digital Age

Insights and guides that will help you continue to navigate policy work in the digital age, stay effective while working remotely and so much more. 

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Tools for Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder management resources to build and maintain your network.

For Executives & Leaders

Your team needs resources on the policy basics, so you have the bandwidth to build and maintain your network of industry leaders, clients, and colleagues.

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Government 101 Guides

Have confidence that your team, whether they’re new to policy or not, has a grasp on the ins and outs of government process, people and productivity. Download these guides and explainers to share with your team.

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How-To Guides

Use these resources to help your team develop a consistent approach to writing briefs, developing strategy, and so much more.

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Stakeholder Management Resources

Helpful resources on how you can communicate and coordinate more effectively with your most important stakeholders.

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