• What has happened since November 8th?

Since Election Day, POLITICO Pro coverage has led the way with major news scoops and exclusive reporting on the presidential transition. From the immediate aftermath of President-elect Donald Trump’s unexpected victory to breaking news from within the Trump transition team, POLITICO Pro’s newsroom has bested the competition. Here are the scoops and stories that were exclusive to POLITICO Pro.  

Trump Cabinet and White House Appointments

The biggest news during a presidential transition is always the selection process of the incoming Cabinet and senior White House staff. Cabinet picks will run the numerous federal agencies, from the Department of Agriculture to Department of Transportation. These agencies are critical channels for the president to drive and affect federal policy. Lastly, White House appointments, as the president’s inner circle of advisers, function to wield the power of the executive branch.

1.    McGahn Looks Like a Lock for White House Counsel

In November, POLITICO Pro reporter Nancy Cook had a major news scoop, reporting that Donald McGahn had a lock on the White House counsel job, a full five days before McGahn was officially appointed by President-elect Donald Trump.

2.    DeVos said to be front-runner for Education secretary

Pro reporters Michael Stratford and Caitlin Emma broke major news, reporting that Betsy DeVos was the leading candidate for education secretary in Donald Trump’s Cabinet. The news broke first with POLITICO Pro, before other outlets followed suit. Trump’s official selection of DeVos was confirmed shortly thereafter.

Detailed looks inside Trump transition team

POLITICO Pro reporters are leading coverage with behind-the-scenes details from the Trump transition team. While Donald Trump is conducting high-profile meetings in Manhattan, the majority of the president-elect’s transition team is busily at work in Washington, assembling the detailed policy plans of a new presidential administration.

1.    Trump marginalizes D.C. transition staff

In early December, Pro reporters Nancy Cook and Andrew Restuccia’s reporting gave a detailed look into a growing divide between the Donald Trump’s New York City and Washington D.C.-based transition teams. POLITICO Pro also revealed how the transition teams at work inside the federal agencies have been marginalized — a point that could hamper President-elect Trump’s ability to effectively govern.

2.    Exclusive — Transition Team Non-Disclosure Agreement

Nancy Cook also broke the news that the Trump transition team required all staffers and volunteers to sign strict confidentiality agreements. The agreement legally bars transition staffers from disclosing info about major portions of the transition work, like policy briefings, personnel material, donor info, fundraising goals, budgets, contracts or any draft research papers. Nancy even obtained a copy of the nondisclosure agreement itself.

Reactions from Democrats, opposition:

With the president-elect’s transition team busily preparing plans for his first term, Democrats in Washington are also outlining their own blueprint for the coming years. For Washington insiders, it is critical to understand how the Democrats will shift their strategy in opposition, having lost control of Congress and the White House.

1.    Dems vow to turn Tillerson hearing into Exxon referendum

Shortly after President-elect Trump selected Rex Tillerson as secretary of state, Pro reporter Andrew Restuccia was the first on Democratic plans to press the secretary of state candidate on ExxonMobil's internal discussions about climate change. Mr. Tillerson is the former CEO of ExxonMobil.

2.    Warren allies ramp up campaign against Trump’s Treasury pick

After President-elect Trump’s selection of former Goldman Sachs partner and senior manager, Steve Mnuchin, for secretary of the treasury, POLITICO Pro reporter Zach Warmbrodt was also the first to report on a plan by progressives to derail Mr. Mnuchin's Treasury nomination. The story outlined how progressives plan to focus on Goldman Sachs foreclosure practices. Three days after Zach’s report, Senate Democrats debuted an anti-Mnuchin website aimed at surfacing the stories of homeowners affected by Goldman Sachs’ policies.

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