Leverage AI-generated Bill Summaries for Faster Information Gathering

Identify and understand bills quickly by leveraging AI-generated summaries

AI-generated Bill Summaries

POLITICO PRO is your all-in-one solution for policy intelligence and analysis, offering in-depth news reporting, comprehensive bill and rule tracking, and extensive personalization capabilities.


POLITICO Pro’s Legislative Compass tool is critical for tracking legislation at both the state and federal levels, but processing all this information within thousands of bills winding their way through Congress and state legislatures across the country can be overwhelming. The 118th Congress, for example, has already introduced more than 11,000 bills so far. Now, however, you can leverage the power of artificial intelligence to locate and understand the bills you’re looking for much faster with AI-generated bill summaries for all state and federal legislation.

AI-Powered Feature


Cutting-edge AI technology swiftly delivers detailed and concise bill summaries directly within both the search results and bill details pages.

Real-Time Insights


Summaries are available shortly after the release of bill text, provided the bill contains at least 500 words.

Federal and State Bills


The feature covers legislation at the federal level, as well as in all fifty U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

Effortless Tracking


Saves you time and effort in locating and comprehending significant legislation as they progresses through Washington and state capitals nationwide.

Combined with Pro’s expert analysis of the issues and unmatched reporting, you can now spend less time finding the information you need and more time advancing your top policy priorities. With AI-generated bill summaries, understanding even the most complex legislation quickly has never been easier.

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