Where policy teams get to work

A single destination to track your policy work and keep your team aligned as you work to achieve your policy goals.

One destination to collaborate with your team

Teams function best when information is centrally located, easily accessible and always up-to-date (rather than sitting, outdated in your inbox).  

Consolidate information from across POLITICO Pro into Projects. Get alerts and share notes to stay up-to-date on the latest developments.


Organize content to align with the way you work

As a policy professional you have a range of responsibilities and deliverables like conducting in-depth research on all the latest news related to a specific topic or tracking policy updates related to your industry for a weekly newsletter to your members. 

Projects is designed to fit into your workflow. Group key information from across the Pro platform in one place and set up Projects to align with the way you work, whether that’s by issue area, client or campaign.

Maintain continuity with your team amidst change 

Policy teams are experiencing major changes with team structures shifting, responsibilities expanding and the rapid transition to remote work. 

Maintain continuity of your team’s work with Projects. As you bring on new team members or navigate changing policy priorities, Projects keeps you up-to-date and your team in sync, so you can continue to deliver value to your organization, clients or members.

From the Blog

Improve collaboration and manage your policy work as you navigate Covid-19

62% of policy professional we surveyed are still tracking policy manually. But, there's a better way.

Working remotely presents unique challenges for policy professionals, given the importance of in-person meetings, interpersonal communication and Congress’ 231-year history of policymaking in person.

On top of these challenges, 83% of respondents in our 2020 Policy Insiders Report: Policymaking During a Pandemic, said their policy portfolios expanded since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Here are three tips to help you as you work to increase efficiency, productivity and show value.




What Pros are Saying

"As someone who has always done government relations work manually for orgs with small GR teams, POLITICO Pro is AMAZING. Life changing. Technology, man."

"While working remotely, Pro’s reporting has been invaluable...it provides continuity, consistency, stability and even a sense of normalcy. It’s the inside baseball that I devour and allows me to know what's going on and to keep our members up-to-date.”

Customer Success Story


"POLITICO Pro is my one-stop-shop. I don't have to go aggregate dozens of sources, I just follow Pro. Everything I need is right there in my inbox or when I log in to the platform."

- Derek Sparks, Senior Manager of Government Relations


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