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How Pro Delivers Expert Intel

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When you work in the world of policy, knowledge creates opportunities. The POLITICO Pro platform brings together exclusive reporting and policy intelligence tools to give you the intel you need to track and analyze policy and act on opportunities.

Here’s how we delivery you the news you need, when you need it:

  • Dedicated reporters: Our team of over 100 policy-specific reporters get to the heart of policy, so you get intelligence from subject-matter experts.

  • Delivering news when it breaks: Our breaking news alerts give you down-to-the-minute updates on major policy developments as soon as they happen. Customize alerts to meet your specific needs.
    Learn more about desktop and mobile alert capabilities.

  • Real-time, exclusive intel: Get the scoop moments after news breaks. Whiteboards deliver real-time intelligence on developing policy news in 250 words or less, so you’re never caught off guard by policy developments. 

  • In-depth analysis: Written specifically for policy professionals, articles provide in-depth analysis and insights to help you understand how movement may impact your members, clients, constituents, or other stakeholders.

  • Get the highlights: Pro newsletters - delivered in the morning and afternoon - bookend your day with policy highlights. Our newsletters are written for busy professionals, meaning you receive only the insights you need, without having to dig through clutter.

To learn more about POLITICO Pro’s news and policy intelligence platform, sign up for a demo. Already a Pro? Sign into your account.

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