POLITICO Pro Launches New Stakeholder Analysis Tool for Pro Analysis

POLITICO Pro is constantly looking to bring policy professionals the resources they need to identify a network of influencers, find Congressional champions and engage stakeholders on key issues. To help professionals in these areas, Pro recently launched its new Stakeholder Analysis feature for Pro Analysis subscribers.

Pro’s first Pro Analysis feature, Stakeholder Analysis, is an integral component of the Stakeholder Management solution suite. The new tool lets users identify a network of policy champions in Congress who are actively engaged with key issues, execute strategic stakeholder management, and outreach more efficiently.

Here’s a quick look at the details of the Stakeholder Analysis tool and how it can help policy professionals with engagement strategies.

What is Stakeholder Analysis and how does it work?

Stakeholder Analysis is a Pro Analysis feature integrated with Pro’s Stakeholder Management solutions suite. It helps users to strategically identify, track and engage with Congressional influencers that are most active on the issues important to them. Stakeholder Analysis allows users to identify and map a network of policy companions using a unique scoring system that takes into account members’ engagement on key policy issues.

With Stakeholder Analysis, policy professionals gain critical insight for stakeholder management analysis and decision-making. When used alongside other Pro features in the comprehensive Stakeholder Management suite, Stakeholder Analysis can help Pro Analysis users succeed in their stakeholder engagement and issues management goals. Users can strategically find more allies in Congress, identify and map stakeholders and enable the relationships needed for policy success.

Cutting-edge functionality enables pinpoint ability on engaged stakeholders

The core of Stakeholder Analysis has innovative functionality that allows users to identify, track and manage stakeholders more quickly and accurately.

With Stakeholder Analysis, policy professionals can easily search for topics of interest and see which members of Congress are most engaged and active on those issues. Useful for stakeholder research and evaluation, this data is further classified by POLITICO Pro’s proprietary “Activity Score” feature, which details how active members of Congress are on that topic.

The three main components that determine an Activity Score are:

  • Effectiveness: Tracks the progress of legislation sponsored or cosponsored by a member of Congress related to the issue, such as milestones like passing the House of Representatives or Senate, presidential approval and becoming law
  • Volume: Quantifies a Congress member’s engagement with the issue by counting the number of related bills they’ve participated in, such as sponsoring or cosponsoring them
  • Attention: Measures how much of the Congress member’s attention is focused on that issue compared to others

In addition, users can view “Deep Dive Pages” on a Congressional member’s engagement with a particular topic. These pages will offer further insights and data, including how their Activity Score has changed over time, the members with the highest Activity Scores for certain issues, roll call votes and more.

Finally, users can create and manage “Champion Groups” of members that can categorize them as a “promoter”, “neutral”, or “detractor” on the key issues they’re tracking. This allows for simplified and more effective outreach to allies and stakeholder mapping.

Optimize your outreach and stakeholder management strategy

Stakeholder Analysis, combined with other tools in the Stakeholder Management solutions suite, offers a much simpler, faster and more effective way to identify Congressional influencers and achieve policy goals. Policy professionals looking to optimize their stakeholder outreach and issues management strategy can easily leverage it with other Pro tools to find and engage the Congressional policy champions they need to influence positive change.

Want to see more from POLITICO Pro? Visit the features section for an overview of how POLITICO Pro is your all-inclusive policy platform or request a demo today.

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