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Letter from the Editor: How We Cover the States and Canada

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Dear Readers,

It is an unprecedented time to be covering the intersection of politics and policy, the sweet spot for POLITICO Pro’s coverage. But POLITICO’s States and Canada teams were already uniquely suited to help readers understand and navigate the fast-moving and upended world we all now live in amid coronavirus.

When the pandemic hit, POLITICO was well-positioned to quickly draw on our deep and geographically diverse reporting resources. In addition to our well-known Washington-based journalism, we have reporters covering seven U.S. states and Canada. Their jobs every day – and especially now - entail asking and answering questions that government leaders, government affairs professionals and readers of all sorts need to know to make decisions in their own workplaces.

our mission is to not only break news but to always tell readers what news means

Our mission is to not only break news but to always tell readers what news means. We break down policy implications and explain why government decisions and announcements matter. We look around corners to see what’s coming next. We also focus on those whose work entails influencing the government and tell the story of power – who has it, who is wielding it and who wants it.

Our Pro teams cover four states and Canada, with reporters in Albany and New York City, New Jersey, Florida and California plus Ottawa. Those teams have deep benches of journalists who are subject matter experts in the policy areas we cover. They know who the power players are and know their way around the halls of government we cover. We also have POLITICO reporters in Massachusetts, Illinois and – most recently added – in Texas, whose jobs include adding geographic breadth to our Pro coverage.

As we all figure out how to navigate our rapidly changing future, POLITICO’s teams in the states and Canada are here to lead the way on ferreting out the news you need to know.


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Angela Greiling Keane
Editorial Director, States & Canada
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