Manage Change and Build New Relationships Confidently After the Midterms

With 35 Senate, 435 House, and 36 gubernatorial seats up for grabs, the 2022 midterms will bring change to the legislative landscape. The election results profoundly impact the country’s political climate, President Biden’s legislative agenda, and all policy areas from the economy to health care.

During the midterms, POLITICO Pro subscribers had access to policy and race tracking tools, exclusive news coverage, and in-depth analysis to help them anticipate change and plan their post-election stakeholder engagement strategy. A new Congressional session is less than two months away. It is more important than ever for government affairs and other policy professionals to have a comprehensive and customizable policy intelligence platform to stay on top of important developments, connect with decision makers, and make the most of legislation opportunities. POLITICO Pro’s post-election analysis on key policy areas and non-partisan reporting combined with our powerful policy intelligence and stakeholder management features, give you precisely what you need to maximize your reach and demonstrate your accomplishments.

Stay in the Know

Policy professionals need to anticipate change to maximize opportunities and navigate potential roadblocks. POLITICO Pro’s race tracking tool, non-partisan news, and in-depth analysis provide a complete view of the 2022 elections and advanced intel on policy changes.

Throughout the election cycle, Campaign Races Dashboard is the one place for candidate information, campaign finance data, race ratings, and election results for House and Senate contests. The dashboard features 50-state House and Senate map views that help subscribers keep an eye on all federal races, vulnerable members, swing districts, and the issues that influenced the outcomes of the midterms.

Pro Analysis subscribers have the added advantage of premium midterms-specific content from primaries to post-general elections. The first post-election Pro Analysis will be available on November 11. It will take a deep dive in to economic policy in the new Congress. A Pro Analysis is a three-page snapshot that lays out what’s at stake, key players, and the next steps for an emerging issue.

Pro Analysis subscribers also receive Pro Data Analysis, graphic visualizations that explain complex policy topics in an easy-to-understand visual format. Each Pro Data Analysis is available in multiple formats, JPG, PDF, and PowerPoint, so it can be shared or incorporated in presentations effortlessly. From the lame-duck session to the new Congress, Pro’s graphic team will publish a series of results graphics and profiles of the new Congress members.

Track Policy Movements

It is predicted that it will be a busy lame-duck session for both chambers of Congress. High-priority items on the legislative to-do list include:

The government funding bill is the most pressing and is viewed as a must-pass bill. Therefore, it is often a magnet for lawmakers to tack on other priorities. And NDAA is widely expected to pass in the lame-duck session as well. NDAA is another must-pass bill and attracts unrelated legislation. FY23 NDAA has a wide range of potential amendments from sanctions on Russia to immigration and health provisions.

Pro’s Legislative Compass is a time-saving tool for policy professionals who need to stay on top of the new bills moving through federal and state level. Bill version comparison, note sharing, and priority and stance tracking features allow you to monitor legislation that matters most to your organization closely. The Appropriation Tracker within the Legislative Compass follows the 12 federal spending bills and shows changes as the House and Senate advance their legislation from the committee stage to presidential approval.

Find and Connect with Power Players

Now that you know what is at stake, you need to find the key players and reach them to advocate for your policy position. POLITICO Pro’s Stakeholder Management is an integrated solution built within the Pro platform. You can find key contacts, send emails, log interactions, export reports, evaluate engagements, and collaborate with team members seamlessly through one platform.

Stakeholder Management’s integration with Pro’s Congressional and state government directories means you will always have the most up-to-date contact information of key policymakers. You can also create targeted lists by using search filters to find contacts by Congressional committees, departments, agencies, party affiliations, freshmen status, and more.

The in-platform emailing and reporting features make executing outreach a breeze. You can create, schedule, and send emails to federal and state lawmakers and staffers with an easy-to-use email editor. And at-a-glance email performance and engagement reporting features help you measure the effectiveness of your outreach, optimize your strategy, and demonstrate return on investment (ROI). In 2023, subscribers will have more reporting and analytic tools to monitor lawmaker and influencer dialogue, analyze the nature and strength of existing relationships, and matchmake for new ones.

Discover a Clear Path to Your Policy Goals

Whether you’re a lobbyist, consultant, researcher, or analyst, POLITICO Pro can help you stay informed, strategize, and make an impact on your organization’s mission and business goals. Learn more about POLITICO Pro or request a demo today.

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