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What is included in a federal POLITICO Pro subscription?

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As a policy pro, you face unique challenges every day. That’s why each POLITICO Pro subscription is fully customizable with just the intel and tools you need to succeed. 

Learn more about how you can stay a step ahead by building a subscription that meets your organization's needs.

  1. Select Your Policy Coverage Needs
    Pro coverage spans 16 policy areas , four states , Canada and Europe. You have the option to subscribe to one policy area, several, or all - each one is sold separately. A Pro subscription grants you access to all news and analysis for that policy area.
    • Federal policy coverage: Agriculture, Budget & Appropriations Brief, Campaigns, Cannabis, Cybersecurity, Defense, Education, eHealth, Employment & Immigration, Energy, Financial Services, Health Care, Tax, Technology, Trade, Transportation
    • States Coverage: California, Florida, New Jersey, New York

Note: Pro subscriptions for federal government agencies, U.S. Congressional offices, and other government organizations automatically include all 15 federal policy coverage areas.

  1. Choose Premium Tools (optional)
    Dig deeper into policy and legislation with Pro’s premium add-on tools. The optional premium tools, paired with Pro’s standard tools included in every subscription, help you save time and get all the intel you need in one user-friendly platform. Premium tools include:
    • DataPoint: Similar to an infographic, DataPoint is a visual policy intelligence tool that translates complex policy topics into digestible, compelling visuals. DataPoints are completely customizable and shareable, so you can tell more powerful stories about policy in presentations, through email and more.
    • Legislative Compass: Pro’s powerful, easy-to-use legislative tracking tool helps you track legislation at the state and federal levels.
  2. Set up access for your entire team
    Depending on the size and needs of your organization, you determine the number of licenses included in your subscription. One license refers to a single user and gives that individual access to everything included in your Pro subscription.

Once you’ve selected all the components that impact the price of a subscription, your users will have access to the Pro platform which includes:

  • A Personalized Pro Account for Every User: Get the intel you need to stay a step ahead with a personalized Pro account. Every Pro in your subscription gets access to a customizable Pro account. You can tailor your account by following specific topics (people, issues, bills, etc.), and setting custom alerts. No matter where you are, Pro helps you stay in the know through alerts, within the Pro platform, in your email, or on the Pro mobile app.

  • Standard Tools: With the purchase of one or more of Pro’s federal policy areas, each user gets access to Pro’s standard set of tools, which include:

    • Document Drawer: A library of thousands of original policy documents right from Capitol Hill - including Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports, Congressional Hearing Transcripts and more.

    • Directories: A Congressional, Federal Agency and States Directory making it easier for you to communicate and network with policymakers on Capitol Hill, within federal agencies and across all 50 states, 5 territories and DC.

    • Pro Calendar: A list of all major policy events, meetings, hearings and conferences in one location.

  • Expert Policy Intel: When you subscribe to one of Pro’s 15 federal policy areas, you get access to all news and analysis for that area, reported on by Pro’s team of policy-specific reporters. Pro reporters work tirelessly to get you exclusive news and coverage you won’t see anywhere else. With breaking news alerts, whiteboards, articles, newsletters and more, you won’t miss a beat.

  • Support: Get the help you need, when you need it. Every Pro subscription comes with unlimited support and training from a dedicated account manager.

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Infographic: What is in a POLITICO Pro subscription?


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