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3 Ways to Leverage Pro’s New States Directory

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As gridlock in Washington has increased and Congress has become more partisan, we’re seeing lobbying and advocacy groups turn their focus to state legislatures. From California leading on clean energy by setting a target of 100% carbon-free electricity by 2045, to several states like Vermont, Colorado and California enacting new policies around data privacy, states are leading the way with policymaking on issues that have stalled at the federal level.

To reach state-level influencers impacting policy, POLITICO Pro has launched a new States Directory of state legislatures, legislative staff, state executives, state agency officials across all 50 states and territories. 

States Directory search page within POLITICO Pro platform

Here are three ways Pro subscribers can leverage our new States Directory:

  1. Search for policy contacts across states: As policy movement happens at the state level, many Pro users, like lobbyists or advocacy groups, need to understand how different states are approaching specific policies. Now, Pros have the ability to pull a list of contacts who work with a specific issue from across the states they’re interested in.

  2. Find influencers at the agency, congressional and state levels: Pros interested in a specific policy area may need to work with policy influencers at the federal and state levels. Now with our expanded Directories product offering, which includes a Congressional, Agency and new States directory, Pros can create one list of contacts from across all three directories.

  3. Find policy influencers in a specific state: More and more, businesses, advocacy groups, and lobbyists are mobilizing at the state-level. This allows them to align with states that are more receptive and friendly towards their issue area and where they believe their policy strategy will be most effective. Pros can now find policy influencers like state legislatures, legislative staff, state executives and state agency officials working on the issues they care about across one state or many.

Our new States Directory is included with every POLITICO Pro subscription. Want to learn more or see it in action? Get in touch with a member of our team here.

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