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Dear Prospective Subscriber,

Why POLITICO Pro Cannabis? The cannabis industry is booming, with annual revenues projected to hit $80 billion in the next decade. It’s also bewilderingly complex and constantly evolving, with a 50-state patchwork quilt of rules and regulations. 

The thorny issues that this burgeoning industry must navigate cut across almost every policy area: health care, agriculture, financial services, transportation, taxes and labor, among others. The challenges of navigating this landscape are exacerbated by the unprecedented conflict between state and federal laws. While 33 states have authorized comprehensive medical marijuana markets, including 11 with full legalization, the federal government continues to classify it as a highly dangerous, illegal drug with no therapeutic value. 

Most media coverage does not reflect this reality. The cannabis industry is still typically treated as a novelty and an opportunity to make bad weed puns.

POLITICO Pro is ideally suited fill this void and help companies, regulators, lobbyists, lawyers, legislative staffers, lawmakers and other interested parties navigate this confusing reality. We’ll be able to tap into experts from across our 15 other policy verticals to bolster coverage. POLITICO Pro also has a growing network of policy reporters in Canada and the states – including California, poised to become the world’s biggest legal marijuana market – that we’ll rely on to provide the most definitive cannabis coverage in the country. 

Up until this point, most of the action on cannabis has been in state capitols. But that’s poised to change as federal lawmakers from both sides of the aisle become increasingly comfortable with legalization. In the coming years, legislative and regulatory decisions will be made that will shape this industry for decades to come. POLITICO Pro Cannabis will be your indispensable guide to understanding this emerging policy landscape.


Paul Demko 

POLITICO Pro Cannabis