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Unmatched Policy Reporting

We are the #1 newsroom for clear, accurate and timely policy reporting; designed for professionals who need to be one step ahead.


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Our journalists pair subject matter expertise in specific policy fields with a relentless drive to break news. On thousands of topics from defense to transportation, our reporting keeps policy experts like you informed of every detail. It’s the clear, accurate and timely policy reporting you need to get your job done.
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POLITICO Pro platform with all 22 policy areas listed


POLITICO Pro subscribers have access to reporting from over 300 journalists, 22 major areas of coverage, dozens of newsletters, not to mention the numerous articles, in-depth analyses and primary resources added to Pro daily. 

Sound like a lot? It is. We’ve built a smart platform that you can customize to align with your day.

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Why trust our newsroom?

Thousands of policy and government relations professionals and teams already do.

  1. Unmatched coverage — Our resources, expertise and size mean we report on in-depth policy topics that other outlets miss.
  2. Sources — Our reporting is sourced by the experts: the policymakers, politicians and industry experts at the center of it all.
  3. Speed & clarity — When it happens, you'll know first. We write so you’re informed and empowered to act.
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We know your job is more than reading the news — you need to constantly collect information, take action and make decisions. The POLITICO Pro platform is an integrated hub for all your policy resources.

Learn more about our smart platform on the Product Overview.

Control Your News 

As a Pro subscriber you're in complete control of how you get our news and analysis. Go ahead and get into the weeds: you can customize your preferences to focus on the niche topics you’re most interested in, in the format you want.

  • Inbox

    Push content to your inbox.

    • Newsletters every morning by 6am
    • Articles throughout the day making you the smartest person in the room
    • Breaking news alerts when something big happens

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  • Live

    Interact & educate.

    • Exclusive access to subscriber-only events & conference calls
    • Access to reporters

    Examples of Recent Briefings:

    • Election Update - Key Races, Swing States & Mail-in Voting
    • Sustainability & Building Back After Covid-19
    • State of California - Power outages, Heat waves, and Reopening plans
    • Biden, Harris & an all-virtual Democratic National Convention Preview
    • Covid-19's Impact on the Economy - GDP, Jobs, & Gov't Assistance
    • Covid-19 and the Race for a Vaccine

    Recent Pro Briefing: Federal and state landscapes on CBD, hemp, & legalization. 

    <p style="text-align:center"><span style="color:#b70000"><strong>Recent Pro Briefing: Federal and state landscapes on CBD, hemp, &amp; legalization.&nbsp;</strong></span></p>

  • Workspace

    A workspace designed for policy professionals. 

    • Customizable home dashboard
    • Story timelines for content you track
    • Legislative tracking (state & federal)
    • Regulatory tracking
    • Document library
    • Projects & collaboration capabilities
    • Smart platform to recommend related topics
    • Trending news and articles 
    • Content aggregation from key sources
    • Policy explainers & infographics

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