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While developments in federal laws are the center of attention, it is important to keep up with state laws, as these legislation changes may have a closer impact on you. Rely on POLITICO Pro to give you on-the-ground state house reporting that uncovers and breaks down the biggest issues and key players behind each move.

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Leverage committed policy reporting on critical topics, including health care, education, energy, environment, state budget & taxes, transportation, and more.

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Sharp reporting sourced by experienced reporters from a trusted, non-partisan newsroom passionate to deliver quality journalism on critical topics.

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Receive up-to-date state policy reporting so you can be empowered to create strategic policy goals.

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There is no other policy intelligence platform that offers the same depth of relevant, real-time news, state legislative analysis, regulation insights, and government initiative coverage the way Pro does. Dedicated journalists from each policy area deliver exclusive, breaking-news scoops that are clear, concise, and reliable.

We examine pivotal state-level issues that could influence down-ballot election outcomes and shape national political discourse such as:

  • State education and the influence on teacher unions and funding on education policies.
  • Reproductive rights, health insurance coverage, and Medicaid funding.
  • Governors’ renewable energy goals and the demands of cost with a growing population.

Pro subscribers gain access to exclusive coverage of critical policy areas, like health care, education, energy, and more that are not available anywhere else. Take your policy intelligence to the next level with Pro Analysis. Take advantage of comprehensive analyses intended to provide policy professionals deeper understanding of state-specific merging issues and policy trends.

Explore Pro’s State Coverage

State Coverage

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Explore Pro’s expanded, on-the-ground policy reporting in 4 key influential states.


Get your key into the golden state. Stay in the know on how state health care policy affects providers, insurers, the pharmaceutical industry, abortion access, and care affordability. Gain a better understanding of California’s growing debt burden, revenue forecast, budget negotiations, and tax-credit programs. Discover key ballot initiatives being proposed in California and the legislative, political, and policy implications.

And elevate your policy strategy with Pro Analysis on impactful data visualizations, snapshots of emerging issues and the next steps, specific bill overviews, and more. From health care, state budget, ballot initiatives and everything in between, Pro reporters are here to get you the inside scoop on critical California policies.


New York

Amplify your influence in New York. Dive into the state education policy, from mayoral control of city schools and charter school funding to class size debates. Learn more about intiatives like the 421-a tax exemption, property tax reform, and state and federal funding for migrants. Stay updated on key legislative and regulatory actions towards the governor’s clean energy goals and climate agenda, lobby spending around transmission lines, and additions on fossil fuel bans in new construction.

And secure an extra edge with in-depth policy and bill analysis, data visualizations of complex policy topics and trends, and identify and map Congress leaders that engage with key policy areas. Get exclusive access inside Albany with in-depth coverage of the education system, housing and real estate, energy and environment issues, and more.

New York

New Jersey

Lead policy change in the garden state. Find out why the governor is trying to salvage ambitious clean energy goals after two major offshore wind projects failed, on top of the added costs and subsidies. Understand how the Transportation Trust Fund affects the state’s gas tax and the impact it has on New Jersey commuters.

And pinpoint where the conversation of a long-term funding plan for building schools in poverty-stricken districts has fallen through. Stay ahead with insights of clean energy goals, transportation cost fluctuations, education funding, and much more.

New Jersy


Elevate your policy goals in the sunshine state. See behind the scenes with Florida’s shortage of health care professions including how a massive health care bill would considerably alleviate concerns. Comprehend Florida’s larger effort of expanding the state’s K-12 voucher and school choice programs to provide families more options and freedom over their children’s education.

And be well versed into the reason why Floridians will face increased energy bills on behalf of the state’s efforts to manage a booming population growth and expanded renewable energy goals. Expand your knowledge into the state’s most pressing challenges within health care, education, the energy industry, and more.

New Jersy


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