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3 Items to Watch During Lame Duck

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What can you expect from a Lame Duck Congress?

A lame-duck session is when Congress meets between the time that their successors are elected and when they are sworn-in. This year, we can expect that Congress will hold a session to vote legislation through before control of the White House shifts in January. Here’s what may be on the docket for that session:


Covid-19 Relief

Drugmakers are seeking $4 billion worth of relief from a hit they took in the bipartisan budget deal passed last February, describing it as a “technical correction.” Groups that successfully mobilized to prevent Pharma’s win in the opioids package are ready to oppose it again. 


National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

The House and Senate Armed Services Committees aim to quickly negotiate and pass a compromise defense policy bill in the coming weeks. There's just one wild card: President Donald Trump. Read more here.


Government Funding

Senate appropriators released a slate of spending bills on Tuesday, 11/10, that kicked off negotiations with the House on a trillion-dollar-plus funding deal to ward off a government shutdown in December.

In September, Congress passed a continuing resolution, H.R. 8337 (116), that keeps the government open until Dec. 11. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Pelosi and top appropriators have all said they want to pass an omnibus — or a massive funding package that combines all 12 appropriations bills — rather than another stopgap that extends current funding levels to a later date next year.

A bipartisan, bicameral agreement on all 12 bills shouldn’t be too big of a lift, because fiscal 2021 budget caps don’t allow for huge increases in spending.


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