2022 Midterm Elections: How to stay on top of the news cycle

It’s time – Midterm Elections are heating up. In May voters in 14 states go to the polls to decide on the nominees in the contest in November. This means a constant flow of information, cluttered news, and several swing-state races to keep up with. As a policy professional, you need election insights so you can forecast outcomes and plan ahead.

Why should I keep up with Midterms?

Every policy area you track will be affected by the midterms, including taxes, health care, technology, economics, energy, labor, national security and much more. The majority in Congress is at stake – and the current forecast for control of Congress leans Republican. Now is the time to tune in to navigate the potential policy outcomes for you and your stakeholders.

What issues should I care about?

The last two years have made this midterm election cycle more important than ever. Some of the major issues that you can expect to see discussed are inflation, reproductive rights, Covid-19 and expansion of government services. You need clear insight into how the midterm elections will affect major policy areas. With so much to keep up with, we’ve created more Pro-exclusive content to make Pros’ lives easier and dive deep into issues that matter to them.

Pro Analysis is an existing feature for Premium subscribers that allows you to get up-to-speed quickly on emerging issues with three-page snapshots on what’s at stake, key players, and next steps so you don’t have to sift through information. During Midterms this year starting in March, our dedicated experts have been publishing a series of new analysis pieces that will detail how midterms will affect every policy area including economy, education, taxes, environment, immigration, and more.

Read the latest Pro Analysis on how the stalled Build Back Better package and the impending expiration of Affordable Care Act tax credit will impact Democrats’ midterm prospects.

Check out the agenda for upcoming dates and topics ahead.

How to use data visualizations to simply complex issues?

In today’s information-overload world, combining the craft of data visualization and the art of graphic design can help you communicate complex information more accurately and effectively. One great way of using data visualizations is to include them in your presentations to illustrate key races and their impact on policies. See an example of a PRO exclusive DataPoint here.

During this midterm election season, Pro premium subscribers have access to visualizations for the races from the primaries all the way to post-general elections, including graphics around polling, redistricting, policy issues, and swing districts. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the topics and calendar ahead.

2022 midterm topics: redistricting, campaigns, election results, new congress

With midterm elections being so crucial this year, POLITICO Pro helps teams stay one step ahead. See everything Premium subscribers receive here.

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