2019 Policy Insider's Report

3 Tips for Navigating a Partisan Landscape

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Traditional lines between policy and politics have blurred. By the time of the George W. Bush administration, it was commonplace for formerly non-partisan policy news to be used as fodder for divisive political and ideological purposes. And this has only intensified since.

This partisanship has created legislative gridlock on the federal stage, which makes the work of policy professionals extremely challenging.

While partisanship is likely here to stay, we’ve uncovered 3 tactics to help you manage it. 



If you know who on the Hill is willing to cross party lines on certain legislative issues, you can still make an impact with those individuals. 

>> Roll Call Votes are recorded in POLITICO Pro Legislative Compass



Often policy professionals are measured against legislative success, but when no bills are being passed on a federal level it becomes hard to show the value of your work.

If you instead track the number of meetings you hold or track your brand’s reputation across time (with a Net Promoter Score) it becomes easier to show the ROI of your team’s efforts.



There are countless media organizations weighing in on the news of the day, but few are truly nonpartisan, without influence or a dog in the fight. 

At POLITICO Pro, a commitment to objective and accurate reporting is at the root of every story that comes from our newsroom. 

>> How do we stay neutral in an era of “fake news” and partisanship?


Data and analysis from POLITICO Pro's 2020 Policy Insider's Report. 

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