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2022 midterm primary elections: what you need to know

May 23, 2022 Pro Team Topics: Elections, POLITICO Pro, Pro Premium Roles: Analyst, Consultant, Executive, Lobbyist, Researcher

As voters across go to the polls from March to September to vote in the primaries, policy professionals are watching and analyzing each primary contest to glean insight into which issues will tip the scales...


2022 midterm elections: how to stay on top of the news cycle

May 06, 2022 Pro Team Topics: Elections, Policy Resources Roles: Analyst, Consultant, Executive, Lobbyist, Researcher

It’s time – Midterm Elections are heating up. In May voters in 14 states go to the polls to decide on the nominees in the contest in November. This means a constant flow of information,...


How is a supreme court justice nominated and confirmed?

September 24, 2020 Pro Team Topics: Pro Premium, Supreme Court Roles: Lobbyist, Researcher

Over the past 40 years, the average time for the Senate to reach a final vote on a Supreme Court justice nominee has been 72 days — nearly twice the time left before the 2020...


Ranked choice voting, explained

September 22, 2020 Pro Team Topics: Elections, Pro Premium Roles: Consultant, Lobbyist

Ranked-choice voting allows citizens to rank their candidate preferences on an election ballot instead of voting for a single candidate. If one candidate does not initially win a majority, competitors with the fewest votes are...

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